Leaving a movement

I guess these are templates. No a bad thing most of the time, but it looks like they had none defined for your case. ;(

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I agree, templates are essential for the customer support. But throwing around templates that don’t have anything to do with the case is a sign of a terrible support and the wrong attitude to customer support.


I agree to everything the original author said. My Fairphone1 (first batch) broke down two weeks ago. I haven’t even heard from the support until today, so I gave my phone to an independent, very experienced repair shop in my town. They first suspected the soldering of the usb connector to be broken and said they could repair it for 39€ - reasonable price! When they opened up the phone though, they discovered that there is a damage on the main board, so it’s irreparable. They eventually did not charge me anything since they could not fix it - that is service!! Shame on Fairphone though on building a supposedly sustainable and reparable phone that acquires a total damage after 2,5 years - just a few months after warranty ran out! I thought that’s more apple-style, but certainly not fair!!
Bought a new phone now, NOT Fairphone, because I am very disapointed with this company.

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That’s likely because they have a huge backlog:

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yes, but it’s been 3 weeks (!) now and still no response… (except for the automated email at the beginning that they received my request and it will take a while dadada)

Is it me or am I the only one who doesn’t get this?

Why are you making an account on a Community forum to tell you are leaving the movement when you have never joined it in the first place?! I don’t see @user123 or @FrankM has ever helped anyone here on the forum like so many others did.

Stop complaining to other community members about what clearly is a company issue. You are polluting the forum with complaints no one here can help you with.

I suggest you go get a pen and a piece of paper and write Fairphone a letter.


To be fair, every person who has ever bought a Fairphone has already joined the movement. Some are just not as involved as others.

On the contrary, input from the community can be quite helpful. I learned a lot just by reading this thread, and I believe OP can say the same.

I know I’m new and stuff, but here’s my take on this issue. Feel free to correct me.

I think the relationship between Fairphone the company and Fairphoners is more than just vendor and customers. What sets Fairphone apart from other smartphone companies is that it doesn’t exist just to make money. Likewise, users who choose Fairphone are not just after features and specs. They believed, at least at some point, that Fairphone was doing the right thing.

So it makes sense to me that “leaving a movement” should be like breaking up with someone. Try to sleep on it first. Ask yourself why you got into it in the first place, and if the alternatives really are better. (Every Android phone maker’s forums I’ve looked at so far are flooded with complaints against customer service.)



It is even more unsatisfying when you get your first reply after 4 weeks and it looks like this: “It might be silly but have you tried another cable to charge your device”.

Putting the convenience anyway that a smart phone has to offer (playing games, surfing the internet, …) it boils down to be a communication device. And in some situations it can help saving your life. If your device is not working and the support takes that long to react you are forced to buy a new phone after only 2,5 years. This contradicts Fairphones claim to be sustainable.

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I think you got me wrong. I was not talking about leaving the Community I was talking about leaving the movement and I considered myself to be a part of this movement since I bought the device and spread the word about the Fairphone getting more people to buy the device, too.

But you are right, I could have chosen a different communication channel. I could have send an email to Fairphone stating my issues. I choose to write here for two reasons. I wanted to reach to company and I wanted to circumvent only reaching one of Fairphones employees since I already talked to one supporter about this case and as you can see from my first post he was not helpful. The second reason was to discuss this with other customers and get there opinion about it. It was the right choice to start the since Fairphone was not interested in my case (they replied only after I talked to one of the guys directly and were not willing to discuss at all) but some other people were willing to discuss.

Even after sleeping on it for more than 3 weeks I do still come to the same conclusion. I know why I got a Fairphone in the first place and the company was able to disappoint me in both: fairness and sustainability. I know that other companies do also not trade their customers well but I thought I supported a company that does better.

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Hi FrankM,

I am feeling with you.
Funny enough, I had the same issue and got a replacement motherboard with no “trying to blame me”. But this was in 2015.
My FP1 with signature is now technically a FP1U.
I had to use support 3 times, and although somewhat slow, it worked and I was happy with their work in the end.

But my FP1 (now way past warranty) is getting slow and shabby and the FP2 that has been lying on my desk for half a year does not tempt me enough to switch because cyanogen mod is still not supported and I do not warm up with Android version 5
Then I see my husband with a new shiny and functional smartphone with natively supported cyanogen mod and I start feeling really stupid holding on to FP and all its numerous flaws.

Wouldn’t it be better to give FP some money for further funding their work, but not buy a FP, sell my both devices if possible and use a nice phone instead? That are my thoughts.


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True. For the owner a smartphone “can” be a life saver. For many involved in the creation of a smartphone the crafting process however “is” a life ruiner. But all that is so conveniently outsourced and tucked away from our eyes that it almost doesn’t seem to be true.

Also I read many complaints about FP not being fair enough to customers. But are all customers fair enough to FP? FP has not been formed by a bunch of billionaires knowing everything about the ways of the (electronics) world. But - from what I think I can see - by a group of ambitious and idealistic people who probably still learn a lot. And who are probably not getting rich by ripping off FP customers.


I was thinking about to put this post into the FP2 Help section. Unfortunately I returned “Cool-Off” my FP2 today. I heard about the FP Project a long time ago through a friend. I was No. 350 or so in the FP2 kickstarter program. And I received my Phone almost a year ago. But i had several breakdowns with the phone, especially with the touch screen. I am dependent on my mobile phone. I can’t give it into support for a week or two without a replacement. But having a replacement phone lying in my desk is kind of contrary to the idea of FP. So I hope the product quality will be higher for the 3rd generation FP, until then i try to keep my new mobile phone as long as possible but for the reasons above i have to say good bye to this amazing community and people.


Bye, I’m leaving . . . . . . . . .

Why :worried:? What did your Fairphone do or didn’t do?

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Very sorry to read…

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Well to live or not to live with the problems of the Fairphone is the personal decision of each user.
I’m Computer and Mobile Phone Technician and work a lot with different mobile phones.
They all have bugs and problems.
Fairphone 2 has more bugs than the average 08/15 Android smartphone. Thats true.

But: Fairphone is a small company and for their size and age they delivered a wonderfull product: Fairphone 2. Fairphone 1 was from the technical point of view a disaster - but it was already a fair phone. Fairphone 2 made a lot of things better - Its not only fair, its also sexy from the technical side.

But with all respect!

If you buy a Smartphone from a small company which has a very limited financial and personal resources - you will get a phone with a lot of small problems.
Fairphone is not Apple or Samsung which have Thousands of developers to fix the bugs.

Fairphone 2 will have bugs. If you can live with this bugs - join the movement and lets make the FP2 better together. WIth every software update it will be better and better.

If you need an Smartphone which is working without problems out of the box - buy an iPhone, but not complain about being Apple’s slave…

Buy a Samsung Galaxy - but not complain about the Phone is not fair and made not under fair conditions.

Its a long way, and we just started. I made my decision - i can live with the Fairphone 2 bugs. And i hope, that i can also doing something for the whole community, making FP2 better…


My phone is OK - at least the hardware. But it never worked as promised or expected.

  • When I bought it, the bluetooth connection to my headset was faulty
  • Some time later with an update bluetooth worked like a charm, but USB-otg was gone
  • Two updates later USB-otg was available again, but the “initial-darkness-problem-after-unlocking” had arrived.
  • And now with the last update the darkness-bug is still there, but a crashing filemanager has been added - although in this forum existed warnings about the crashing Amaze.

And all that is not because I have rooted the phone - the changes happened after I had reworked the FP2.

What about Fairphone-support: “Hi, we regret this behaviour, please update your phone …” and so on. Nothing else for month …

Besides that: I have been rude in this forum and before the douwe-automat kicks me, I leave on my own. I can not understand, why it is this easy, to mark users as rude and get beaten. In other forums the discussion about critical words is discussed open.

Bye, Spielmops


Hey @Spielmops, I am sorry to hear you’re leaving. I value you and your contributions. Please note that the Discourse forum software allows anyone to flag posts they deem inappropriate, and that, if enough people do this, a post is hidden and the mods get a message to review the post. You maybe got an automated message that was send in my name (the douwe-automat… good find :slight_smile: ) to tell you something like this happened.

But this does not necessarily reflect my or the other mods opinions about your posts. I hope we can resolve this and that you decide to remain the respected community member you are now. Also thank you for the feedback about our support team. I’ll forward it to them.



Even better: Buy a used smartphone! :wink: