Leaking Battery in FP2

I suddenly realized my FP2 batteri has started to leak, remember this from the FP1 but not from FP2.
Anyone has the same experience ?

This is fishy as it is a fairly new battery as I already got one new for problem with very short battery time.

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If so, a leaking battery needs to be replaced.
If not, a leaking battery needs to be replaced :wink: .


Thats very true, I will of course have the battery replaced. However, if this only happens to me it´s a question about me replacing my battery, if it´s a common problem it´s a question for FF to have their type of battery replaced.

That is a fair point :+1: , sorry I didn’t get that at first.

I haven’t seen it before on the forum so I wouldn’t say it is common. Occasional issues like this occur with every battery type, if it’s still fairly new then this is probably covered by warranty, you should check this with FP support.

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