Launcher problems

Hi. I am having problems with my launcher, and don’t know how to tell which one I have - it IS a fairphone launcher. I have Kola Nut 1.8.7 installed, and had a launcher where I only had one home screen and could more easily control it with the buttons/touch pads at the bottom left of the phone. I was happy with that. I was transferring files between the internal drive and the SDcard yesterday (problems with having an old OS and newer apps) and it kept asking me if I wanted to use OS2 or OS, and apparently once I tapped the wrong one and now I am stuck with the other launcher. They must both be installed, but I can’t figure out how to switch. Can anyone help me?

Go to Settings > Apps > All and search the list for the launcher you are currently using (I believe they are called Fairphone Launcher version 1 & version 2, but I don’t quite remember. Maybe they have OS or OS2 in the name like you said). Once you find the right launcher tap on it and find the button to “clear defaults”. Next time you tap the home button you’ll get asked again and then just choose the other launcher.


Thanks Paulakreuzer! That worked :)!

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