Latest update broke my Fairphone 3

Hi everyone,

I apologise if there is already a thread about this - I couldn’t find one - I’ve just installed the lastest Fairphone update on my Fairphone 3 and now my display screen is completely blank. I’ve sent an email to Fairphone and I’ve received an automated message to say it may take two weeks to respond.

So I just wanted to see if anyone else has had trouble with the latest update and/or if anyone’s resolved a blank display screen before.

Many thanks. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

Does the screen still light up, or does the phone appear completely dead?

Thanks rmf,

The screen doesn’t light up at all. But the light comes on to show that it’s charging, and the phone rings if I receive a call - but with an entirely black screen, I can’t answer it.

Any ideas how to fix it?

With best wishes

Well, that sounds like a hardware issue rather than software - if not for the fact that it occurred right after an update.

But with any luck, it’s a coincidence. First thing to try is to remove the display module, clean the brass contacts with isopropyl alcohol if you have it, and then reattach the display and turn the phone back on.


You’re absolutely right - it was just a coincidence. I’ve followed your instructions and it’s all up and running again as normal.

I honestly can’t thank you enough.

With my very best wishes,


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