Latest OS (June 2019) - again wifi issues

Every second of OS update brings the issue I have complained about before: My FP2 struggles to connect to wifi hotspots well known to it and once I have done it manually, it keeps dropping out again all the time.
After the next update this will be gone; one or two updates later it will happen again.
Last time I got the impression FP support did not take me seriously - and yes, I don’t know much about such stuff but I know what works and what does not, and if a new problem emerges and I have not done or changed anything the solution will clearly not lie in me digging deep in settings etc. For as said above, after the next update it will disappear as suddenly as it has now appeared, once again.
So just thought I’d let you know. Many people will be experiencing the same.

Hi @WoP

Looking at your name you might be German, so my post here might help you: 🇩🇪 Update 19.08.1 und Probleme

If not, @ me and I’ll translate it for you.

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