Last first edition Fairphones on sale Tuesday


Today we sent an email to everyone on the notification list for buying the last first edition Fairphones. We wrote that the shop will re-open on Tuesday 3 February and you will be notified by email when it officially opens.

There are more people on the list than phones available (less than 1,500 phones available!) so we do recommend really interested people to have the shop open in their browser on Tuesday.

We also mentioned in the newsletter that the next Fairphone is in development and expected to begin pre-orders after summer 2015. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop on that timeline. Of course much more to tell about development on the next phone, more to come.

Thanks for the interest, everybody!


Hi Joe, I also recieved the mail. Thanks for that. I’m ready to buy a Fairphone. Would you have any idea what time exactly we should be ready to open the shop in browser to order phone? I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.
thanks a lot and regards

They’re on sale now!

But I’m confused - it says they’re the first edition but I thought it was Fairphone 2?

They are FP1U which is the updated version of the Fairphone which was produced in the 2nd batch run. The Fairphone 2 is not yet designed/released

Hope that helps clear up the confusion.


It is currently impossible to access the online shop.
Does it mean all fairphones have been sold yet ?


Hi all,

Thanks for clarifying @Chris_R - indeed FP1U phones on sale today.

For those eager to buy - the shop is open but the server is down. If you are very eager to buy, I would check back again on the shop in 30 minutes.

We will also update this page when we get news of the shop being back online. Thanks for your patience!

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We’re back online!

Is it OK for everyone?

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It worked for me! super, thanks.

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Thanks for clearing that up Chris. I’d noticed cases/covers for Fairphone 2 and thought that was an official name.

Yes the shop has worked for me too! thanks!

HI, I just want to check …is it better I buy a Fairphone from the Phone Co op in the UK or online from the Fairphone store if I also want to add a 3D printed case? Bruno.

It says sold out, is it true? every phone already sold?

I bought mine through the Phone Co Op, and then ordered the 3D printed case from the Fairphone website (you then choose someone to print it locally for you).


Yes, it’s true all phones are sold out. Great we got that interest, but sadly we had to disappoint a few people.

Thanks, I’ll do it that way!

Shit… OK, that went way too quick, 3 hours and sold out…


Already sold out? Hadn’t expected that… I’m stunned…

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I wonder if (hope that) Fairphone will make a press release about this - selling out in 3 hours shows a huge demand and excitement about the product!

Seems like a potentially great news story?


Thanks for the enthusiasm, we were also surprised!

It was our final shipment and as we were up to around 33,000 phones sold out of 35k back in December… then it was less than 2,000 phones selling out on Tuesday. Still, it sold out in less than 90 minutes!

Dutch news picked it up already through BNR in this interview (for Dutch listeners):
Around 14.30

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