Laptop recognizes FP 3 but doesn't show files

When I connect my PF3 to a laptop, the laptop recognizes the FP3.

When I click on the FP3 logo to open and/or transfer files, the laptop shows an empty folder.

Something to adjust in the settings?

Thanks in advance.


This is not tested on the FP3 yet, but it typically dealt with that problem on the FP2:

Settings > Apps > App info > (three dots top right) Show system > Media Storage > Storage > Clear Storage

After this, give it some time to rebuild the Media Storage. And this does not delete your files, photos, videos, it just deletes (and then rebuilds) some kind of “table of contents”.

Wait a couple of minutes before you connect your FP3 to the laptop again.

Let us know if it worked! :slight_smile:


And just to be sure: did you enable file transfer on the phone? So:
Unlock phone -> pull down notification -> select notification from Android system telling to that phone is being charged -> select file transfer



I’m Dutch, but If I select OK, all data from this app will be permanently removed. This includes files, accounts, databases etc.

Little afraid to do so…

I tested it before writing here, and afterwards, I still found photos I made on the FP3.


Not at home right now, but I asume I need to do this when the phone is connected to the laptop via USB?


Yes, you have to do it every time after you connected the phone via USB. This is a security feature (nobody can access your data without your knowledge).


In addition to what @TobiasF wrote: yes, the notification does not show until phone is unlocked and connected via USB (via data cable to a PC).


This did the trick. :+1:
Thanks everyone for Thinking along. :smiley:


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