Landscape pictures upside down in windows file explorer

When I load pictures taken with the FP3 camera to the computer, some of them are shown upside down in the windows file explorer.

This only happens for landscape orientation, for the pictures I have taken with the release on the left hand side. For portrait orientation, it does not matter whether I hold the FP3 normal or upside down, pictures are always shown correctly.

Also, if I display the pictures i.e. in IrfanView or Picasa, all are shown properly.

I tested with FP2: Here pictures from all of the four possible smartphone positions are shown correctly in the windows file explorer.

Hi there and welcome to our community!
Perhaps you could try another camera app and see if it makes a difference, OpenCamera for example.
What windows version do you run? If other softwares display this correctly, you may consider it’s a problem with windows FE.
Coukd you otherwise tell us more about the settings you set in the Camera app? Or if you use it as default.
I know in OpenCamera you can calibrate the orientation, perhaps it is possible with the FP3 camera app.

Hi Alex, thanks for answering so quickly :slight_smile:
On computer I use Windows 10 Pro Build 19041.388
I use the camera app as default, startet with FP3 only a month ago.
I had a look at the settings, but it seems there is only little possibilty to configure anything in this app.

I think you could install OpenCamera, it’s a very good camera app, with a lot of options.
Did you try another gallery app on your computer?
I don’t have a FP3, so I can’t really help you about the stock camera on it…

Hi Alex
I finally found the time to install OpenCamera. The app looks good, on first look picture quality is better than with the standard app.
I did my tests with the 4 positions. Interesting enough I good exactly the same result, i.e. both portrait positions are ok, but one of the pictures taken in landscape position shows upside down in windows file explorer, it still is the one taken with the camera on the right hand side, release on the left!

This is really strange.
In OpenCamera, there is an option to calibrate the level angle. In Settings → More camera controls → Calibrate the level angle (at the bottom). But it shouldn’t change anything…
Otherwise, as I said…

I found out that the problem with orientation of photos is not just a windows problem.
When I want to attach a photo in WhatsApp by choosing Photos & Videos, only pictures taken in landscape orientation with the camera to the right are displayed correctly. Portrait photos are turned 90°, landscape photos with camera to the left are displayed upside down.
This is the case both for photos taken with standard app and OpenCamera.
I checked with my older FP2: all previews show correctly.
So it seems that the way orientation information is stored has changed from FP2 to FP3?