Lacking data storage (Help in Berlin needed)

Hi there, I am looking for a person in Berlin, Germany, to help me solve a problem. I don´t like to spend hours on software engineering. I would rather pay for service and solution. I am using a Fairphone 1st edition. It has plenty of empty storage, about 13 GB on internal space and SD-card, but I tells me I can´t install facebook, nor instagramm, nor any other app, because there “is no space for storage”. Recently I even had problems updating whatsapp. A fairphone system update on latest version did not help. Does anybody you know somebody? Thanks a lot, Hannes

Versuch’ doch mal, mit @drmarkuse Kontakt aufzunehmen, siehe auch: Fairphone Berlin

Was zu tun ist, ist recht eindeutig:

  1. Datensicherung (komplettes Backup) 2. Zurücksetzen auf Werkseinstellungen 3. Storage Upgrade.

Herzlichen Dank, Hannes

if its still actual, you can contact me:


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