Lack of Space in Internal Memory due to Log-Files

Hello There,

Every once in a while my FP starts to fill up the internal storage. Here is, what was going on and what I foudn out about it:

On my internal storage I have 320 MB of Apps but the storage is filled to more than 700 MB.
I found out hat in the folder “/data/log_other_mode” were some very big log-files of more than 20 MB each. When I deleted all of them, my internal storage decreased to the 320 MB, that is just needed for the Apps.

My question is now: Why are there about 400 MB of Log-Files? What are they good for? And is there a possibility of not having them created and filling my internal storage? they don’t seem to be necessary for the function of the operating system.

Greetz, Pieeet

Pieeet, do you have a FP1 (First Edition) and never did the “storage upgrade” to a unified partition?

Hey urs_lesse,

yes, I have a FP1 (first edition). I have the Android-Version 4.2.2 with the OS Kola Nut 1.8.5.
I don’t have the storage upgrade installed yet? I thought all the upgrades are part of the OS-Update but I just saw on the FP-page, that there is the upgrade described:

thanks for telling me!

Greetz, Pieeet

Don’t forget to do a thorough backup first! The storage upgrade will wipe everything!

PS: I changed the Category from Bug Reports to Help and set the topic to auto close in 3 days. Should be enough time for you to post back if you run into trouble.

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