La Banque Postale app


I have an issue with “La Banque Postale” app on my fairphone fp2. It is the app for a french bank.

It is only displaying on landscape mode.

Anybody either has the same problem or can help me ?

Thank you

Look into the settings of the app and perhaps it’s the privacy impact.

Same problem for me :wink:

Even worst than your short description (is it the same for you?): the text and the buttons are too big for -and sometimes slightly outside of- their boxes, sometimes even outside of the screen, for example I have to slide the text to be able to find the missing digits of the password screen and to find the “valider” button, to be able to connect…

No settings found to change this, I think this might be a mistake of the app thinking the Fairphone is a tablet…

Report it as a bug to the developers and give them as much info as you can. In the meantime you could use xposed on a rooted device to force the application into portrait or landscape mode. But most people that use banking apps, do not have a rooted phone to begin with.

Hi Antoine, this really makes sense that the app mistakenly takes FP2 as a tablet. On my side, I tried using “Rotation Control”, which changes the display to portrait, but then the application still tries to display its items horizontally, instead of vertically like it does on other smartphones.

I just made a bug report to the developers of the app, but do you think that they can modify this behaviour without making an update of the app ? They just delivered a new version a few days ago…

I guess they’ll have to…

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