KRACKs fix needed, please!

[quote=“jfdhuiz, post:17, topic:34194, full:true”]PS: Recommend to not broadcast list of known APs via WiFi Privacy Police by UHasselt.
Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that one, sounds like an excellent idea! Also available on F-Droid here. We should crowdsource code reviews somehow :slight_smile:


The FAQ seems updated:

[quote]Is it sufficient to patch only the access point? Or to patch only clients?

Currently, all vulnerable devices should be patched. In other words, patching the AP will not prevent attacks against vulnerable clients. Similarly, patching all clients will not prevent attacks against vulnerable access points. Note that only access points that support the Fast BSS Transition handshake (802.11r) can be vulnerable.

That said, we are working on access points modifications that do prevent attacks against vulnerable clients. These modifications are different from the security patches for vulnerable access points! So unless your access point vendor explicitly mentions that their patches prevent attacks against clients, you must also patch clients.[/quote]

So you need to check if your router supports 802.11r.

PS: In case anyone missed it, Fairphone released 17.10.2 which fixes KRACK issues on the FP2.


The update for the Fairphone Open 17.10.2 is also released.

The link to Fairphone OS 17.10.2 is


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