Kola Nut Update - What's the Point?

I continually get ‘New Fairphone Update’ notifications on my FP1. I have tried to download this but with no success.Given the number of ‘problems’ people experience with this, what is the point of doing it? The phone works fine and does all I want it to. What am I gaining by attempting this seemingly hazardous update?
I bought my FP1 on Ebay in February. It is my first ‘smart’ phone. I am 64. I vowed I would never get anything like that but circumstances drove me to having to use e-mail, messaging, the web, etc. This seemed the only one I could live with and have a conscience. Generally I am happy with it.

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Actually here on the forum you only see the people whose updates go wrong, the majority who has no problems doesn’t come here to ask for help.

Updates are provided for various reasons:

  • security fixes, against viruses or intruders on your phone. Just one example of a serious problem that was solved by an update is Stagefright.
  • often also fixes for bugs in the operating system, when many people report the same software problem
  • an update to a newer Android version 4.4 is in development. With a newer Android version, you will get better compatibility with modern apps and some new features. App developers might forget about Android 4.2 within a few years, with a newer version the phone will be more usable in future. (Sadly Android 5 and higher probably don’t run on the FP1 because of lack of hardware support)

See for instance the changelog of the 1.8.7 software version for the FP1 (only one I could find for the FP1 right away, am an FP2 user myself) at https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205679425
Fairphone continues to provide these for a phone which is no longer sold, many other manufacturers stopped providing updates quickly when they didn’t make money out of old phone models anymore.

That was about why you should update. Now I am wondering, why are you reporting no success. Do you see any error message in the updater when trying to update?


I have the same problem Howard, just wont update from Jelly Bean. Goes through the motions but when i check i’m still on Jelly Bean. I blame the year you and i were born !!!

Follow this guide on Fairphone’s support pages. Does it work for you?

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