Kola Nut Attempts to Download Every Time I Connect to a New Network


I downloaded and installed the Kola Nut 1.8 update a while back, and it has mostly been working fine (except for that pesky memory thing that I still need to fix), but anyway…

My problem is: Every time I connect to a new network, whether it’s the ones at home or university, or a public network, I get this notification that a “New Fairphone Update” is downloading. It may go on for only a second, or sometimes up to a couple of minutes. While it is ongoing, I can’t use the network for anything else, and eventually, when the download fails, I get this error message (I can’t remember exactly what it says right now, but something along the lines of “invalid source”), and after that it is working fine again.

It’s a mere annoyance, but I don’t know why it happens, and I’d still like it fixed. I downloaded an antivirus programme just in case. Help?

Maybe this helps:

You need a root explorer to view the files and delete them.

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