Keyboard Problem: Cannot type '8' or 'i' or blanks anymore

My FP2 is currently exhibiting the following problem with the keyboard. Persistently I cannot type an ‘8’ or an ‘i’. For instance if I try to type ‘8’ I get one of the following options: a single ‘7’, a single ‘9’ or (and this is most of the times) I get ‘7’ and ‘9’ both together for a single finger tipping on the touchscreen.

There seems to be workaround (not very enjoyable) by me going from portrait to landscape. In landscape I can easily and reproducible press an ‘8’ or an ‘i’. However, when you want to enter a password for a Wifi, this workaround does not work as the this window does not change orientation when turning the phone. So, for months I have not been able to log into any Wifi which required an ‘i’ or ‘8’ for the password.

After software update to v1.2.8 the problem got worse and I am now not able to press the blank key when the phone is in landscape or the number-selector key when I am in portrait.

So, more I less shiny, expensive, 2 months old phone is more or less useless, because I cannot input phone numbers anymore nor write emails or texts which include mundane letters like ‘i’, numbers like ‘8’ or more than one word (since I do not get blanks anymore).

Does anybody have the same problem? Does anybody know a fix or can give advice how I can make my FP2 usable again?


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