Keyboard 3x4 can be installed?

hey! I am trying to figure out if one can have the keyboard 3x4 on the fairphone…can someone tell me?

Hi @sandruz,

can you clarify, do you mean this app called “A Keyboard”?
Couldn’t find a keyboard called 3x4. If it’s the one I found I can download it and see if it works.

My wife, who loves the 3x4 keyboard with T9, has Smart Keyboard Pro on her Samsung GIII. It’s a paid app, but not more tha €2.50 or so. Multi-language support, too.

I know in the Samsung III works, but it just got stolen and I wanted to introduce my mother to the fairphone,but she just wants that type of keyboard;-)

hey! it sure looks like that one!!!thank you so much that would be much appreciated!

So i installed the above mentioned app. Works fine on my fairphone. However it generally is a weird app(imo), like you need another addon to get T9 to work. So maybe you should look into a few apps, see what works best for your mother. But it works just like other Keyboards.

T9? lol? Why would anyone possibly prefer T9 over a regular keyboard?

Perhaps because the keys displayed are bigger?
I’d guess a huge part is personal preference (maybe even unwillingness to adapt to something ‘new’), but also think about people who might not have the best control over their motor functions. It’s easier to hit a bigger target :wink: