Keeping non-free apps up-to-date on FP2/FPOOS

Any recommendations for what to use to keep non-free apps up-to-date on a FPOOS FP2 these days?

I’'ve tried a couple of apps to keep the few non-free apps I use up-to-date — ApkUpdate and Aptoide — but neither works any more: ApkUpdate was last updated years ago and no longer detects updates, and Aptoide stopped detecting updates a few months ago, although if I use it to search for an app it will find the updated version and install that. But that means I need to regularly manually search for each app I use, which isn’t practical.

I would recommend Aurora Store. It uses a fake G00gle account and connects to the Play Store to download and update apps from there. This has also the bonus of eliminating the risk of downloading malware inside of modified apps from untrusted sources, since the apk’s come directly from the Play Store servers.

I’ve been using it myself for at least 1 1/2 years now, since for me it is a very good compromise between deg00gling my phone and still having easy access to the non-free apps I use :slight_smile:

Edit: You can also activate auto-updating if you want to, so you don’t have to hassle with updates at all.


Thanks very much @Stanzi! It’s available from F-Droid so no need to side-load it from a friend’s phone either, and seems to be working perfectly!


As a companion to that, I can recommend Aurora Droid, from the same devs. It’s a client for the F-Droid repositories (and others). I’ve been using it instead of the F-Droid app (which I dislike) for some time now and I like it a lot.

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