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My phone has been reacting slow for a week. Suddenly it refuses to start. It keeps restarting, or for a long time at the blue Fairphone screen. I have a feeling it started after I installed an app that should create security for my job email based on gmail. An app where I need to use a pattern to luck up. Is it some kind of bug or virus, or just too much space. What can I do to solve the problem? Right now I cannot even get into the phone. Thanks in advance.

The first possible cause that came to my mind was a stuck power button. Please try the following:

Thanks for the response, though the phone takes up to 30 minutes to start and then when the pattern combination is done it takes a few minutes for it to react, and if it comes into the normal screen it would emediately restart, so I think it is something with the programme though.

OK, then go to #dic:recoverymode and “Clear Cache”.

FP1 phones can show random reboots .

Please try this:

  • Check the sim cards for damage and request replacement from your operator if possible.
  • Boot in #safemode to see if it is other 3rd party software
  • Check if you have done the storage upgrade
  • When that doesn’t help, it needs to be diagnosed by a (local) repair shop
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