Kaufgesuch FP3 / Searching for a FP3

Hi there,

as a loyal Fairphone-User for almost 6 years, my FP1U is approaching end of live.
And this not because of the Hardware – the Phone is in good condition despite many falls – but because of the prehistoric Android…
A brand new FP3 is currently not affordable for me, so I am grateful for every hint about a used FP3 in good condition!

Thanx very much,
Fabian from Frankfurt-Höchst

Hi Fabian,

first of all welcome to the Fairphone Community Forum :slight_smile: I cannot offer you an FP3 myself, but if a 75€ discount would be enough for you, you might not have noticed yet that Fairphone themselves offer such a discount for every FP3 buyer (in their own webshop) who sends in a bootable FP1 or FP2:


However, the offer expires at the end of this month (30 April), so it might not be around anymore in May.


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Hi Fabian,

Have you thought of monthly plans?
Can phone operators in your country provide plans to be able to buy a smartphone with a monthly payment with a 0% (or at least low) interest fee? Or maybe in three or four times? For example I got mine in France with Sosh and I only had to pay a bit more than half of the price (266€) + 8€/month for 23 months, on top of my (cheap) monthly subscription, which made it much more affordable…
And of course there is always the option to have a more expensive mobile plan to have it for even less at first (but then you pay more, monthly, in the long run).

Thank you very much for this hint, Urs!

Refers the deadline (end of April) of the »recycle-your-phone«-program to the order of the FP3 or the return of the old phone?
I haven’t found any information to this deadline, yet!

Thanx, Fabian

If I read the small print right, then the relevant point of time is when you have retrieved shipping labels for sending in your old FP1U to Fairphone:

the moment you requested the shipping labels to participate in our recycling program

See here for all details:

You can probably do so before you have received the FP3, but requesting the shipping labels requires your FP3 order number.

Many thanks also to your financing idea, Antoine!

To be honest, it’s more that »I don’t want to« as »I am not able to«!
Nearly 500 euro feels like a lot of money for
_ a company which disappointed with its software update policy (FP1)
_ a phone, which is actually too big for me
Nevertheless, the fairphone still seems to me as the best compromise…

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That was their first smartphone, such an innovative social start-up couldn’t have everything right from the start!

IMHO, about this point you should give them another chance, because for FP2 they committed to 5 years of security updates (and are keeping their promise, furthermore they actually might go up to 7 years)! And they developped a full second Android software update to Android 7.1 themselves, which asked them a lot of R&D resources.

As for FP3, it is also guaranteed to have at least 5 years of security updates + at least Android 10 :wink:


Hey Fabian,
I’m answering in English (even though I’m German) so everybody can understand what I’m saying. Are you still looking for a Fairphone 3? I can offer you mine, if you are interested. I got mine three months ago but due to my worsened rheumatoid arthritis, it’s too hard for me to hold in my hands because it is a little too large for me after all.
The phone itself is in a very good condition. It has a minor scratch on the back panel (about 1mm) but the rest is pretty much new :slight_smile:
I understand your predicament with the 450€ retail price. Because my phone has a scratch and is already 3 months old, I would offer it to you for 370€. I have applied a screen protector, which I would leave on (unless you want it off). I unfortunately lost the little screwdriver but I could give you one of my phillips screwdrivers for free to make up for that… Would that be doable for you?
Hoping you are well in this Corona-Crisis

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Guten Morgen Tim!

Thank you very much for your offer! You are in good company there – I would have preferred a standard-sized display, too. Anyway, I bought a new one last week in order to take part in the recycling program, because I was currently using the FP1.
(Fairphone by the way now extended the recycling program to the end of may…)
Thanx and all the best to you,

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