Jolla Sailfish OS to be ported to Fairphone 2

Ah, thanks for the clarification! Shouldn’t be a bother then - I don’t use that sort of gadget anyhow.

Who knows though, maybe the meeting-of-minds between Jolla and FP will resolve this issue during testing.

What do you mean by “bleeding edge”, by the by?

Sailfish OS Upgrades are released in two stages, an ‘Early Adopters’ release and then a ‘Stable’ release. This happens on roughly a monthly cycle.

Currently is the Early Adopters release, and is the Stable release. Once the Early Adopters have had the upgrade for a period of time to see if there is any issues, the upgrade will get released to everyone.

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“bleeding edge” means the most recent development.

It srems that there are some improvement to the porting of the android compatibility layer on the community version of Sailfish OS, even if still at an early stage:


Here’s another thing what I thunk - the nice thing about Fairphone OS is its feature of warning you of the potential dangers to your privacy that an app might present thanks to an algorithm designed by Kwamecorp. Do you think such a feature could be built into Sailfish? Already Jolla has pledged never to sell user data, but it also supports using Android apps as well.

I still think I may try out both OS’ for a week or so apiece to make a fully informed decision.

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Is Fairphone in the position to take a part in Sailfish OS development specifically or exclusively for Fairphone now that the Jolla company has filed for debt restructuring?

I would love to see Sailfish OS become the defacto house OS to Fairphone.


Oh, it could be a dream, but sadly I hardly see it as a possible scenario. There are too much android/google addicted in the Fairphone community. But even as a second alternative OS could be a very good thing for me: Sailfish OS is awesome!


I quite like the idea of Sailfish OS, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to have it as the standard OS. To be honest I would see that as a great threat, as it might be very unattractive for most users. I quite like the current approach, that Fairphone sticks to the mass market friendly Android, but actively supports its community and all ‘nerds’ who wish to run a different OS. I just hope that there’ll be a happy end for Jolla!


From where are you taking this information?
As far as I can see, there are quite a big part of the community exactly AGAINST Google and try to avoid using it…
So as long as Android is still an option for the “Android addicted”, I think other OSs are highly welcome here…Am I wrong?

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Agree with therob, in recent polls Sailfish got most votes from the Fairphone community (pick any OS you would like to see on Fairphone).

Do not forget that Sailfish in theory has the option to include Android application compatibility by Myriad (this could be sold as an extra service to those interested).

And should it be mentioned that those who cannot depart from Android addiction have plenty of choice elsewhere.

Fairphone should be fair first and then serve the Google app addicts. I feel there is a growing awareness on this forum and it would be a waste to let Sailfish flush down the drain.

In order to make Fairphone fairer I would think that stopping Google Android OS proliferation is the logical next step.

After all it was Android that helped induce insane hardware upgrade cycles with related exploitation of earth resources and laborers that Fairphone is supposed to counter.

That is why I cannot invest in a Fairphone that is running Android. I just help increase the and domination popularity of Android.
Not to speak of the possible role that Android plays as a data mining tool for not so fair institutions to help them stay one step ahead of the public.

Sure Android has its place on the Fairphone, but it should be optional and not forced.


Please, let us not start this debate all over again. It has been discussed over and over again.

The conclusion looks (for me) like this: you have those who see “Fair” very broad and include software in it. They can’t see a "Fair"Phone as fair if any Google-related software is in it.
On the other side you have people who see “Fair” as in “fairtrade”. They want to focus on conflict minerals and labour rights and a phone that can be sold to the general public (= people who are used to Android). If the FP can do something extra on fair software, they are more than happy.

Can we just leave it like this and agree to disagree? One of the previous debates on this topic was really getting out of hand and had to be closed…


That did not go unnoticed. And that is the only single reason why I come check here and I think after one month of inactivity a little reminder that Sailfish should be handled now more than ever (as the whole project is now there to grab or dumb in the abyss filled with mobile failures that could not fight the duopoly)

By avoiding debate you are not going to change the world into more Fair.

I get it, it is a commercial product after all which indicates “compromise” and using my old stack of Nokia’s is the fairest thing I can do am really honest.

This phone has chosen to a name that arises expectations to go all the way. I feel the intention is right.

Otherwise it should have been FaireRphone.


No you aren’t wrong at all, but there are some people here on the forum that are not only “android addicted”, but absolutely against every discussion or option that not only don’t include Android, but even the google blobs; since there are people like these, that think that the fairness couldn’t be software side at all, I see some trouble to discuss about a fairer fairphone under the software side. Sorry but I’m not native english speaker.

Use the forum search and read through the literally thousands of posts about fairness and OS choice!