Jitsi theme component to easily help people in person

It may be useful to install this theme component:

It allows people to embed a Jitsi meeting. From there people can have a voice/video call, but also share their screen. It may make troubleshooting easier. There is a risk of course, it may also be used to trick people. On the forum everyone can see what’s suggested. In such a video call scammers may find more room. Although I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s something to consider. Other than that, I think this plugin could make troubleshooting with people easier and more personal.

Nice idea! You could also just share a link to a meeting from Jitsi Meet instead. There are many free and privacy friendly providers. All you have to do is to think of a name for the meeting, share the link with the other person and you’re good to go. Here’s one possible provider:

Or does this have a disadvantage to your idea?

As an admin you can set the Jitsi provider of choice, can be self hosted or any other. But the default is fine and well maintained I would say. If you can’t trust Jitsi, how can you trust their software? :clown_face:

I know you can share links. The point is to integrate personal contact better and make it more accessible. This plugin makes it possible to create these rooms (with random or user set names) with the topic formatting options here on the forum.

Here’s an example:

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