Jitsi Meet not working

we are using Jitsi Meet for video conferences. The audio of this app is not working on FP3+ (Android 10):

  • Extremely low mic, other people are not able to hear me.
  • I can not hear other people.
  • Using a bluetooth headset is not working, too.

Only solution is to deactivate my video and hold the phone like I am doing a regular phone call. Then I can hear other people and they can hear me. But obviously we can not see each other as I have to hold the phone next to my ears.

Seems to be an issue with the FP3(+), as the Jitsi app is working great on other phones.

My workaround is not to use the Jitsi app but the web browser instead for making Jitsi video calls (meet.jit.si). This works fine but the phone is getting hot and the battery empties very quickly. That’s why I would like to use the app, which is much more power efficient.

Do you have the same issues? Any ways to fix that?
In case somebody would like to try: Jitsi Meet (app and browser-based) is free to use, no account needed.

Any help would be appreciated!

I only used the web version and it worked as expected for me.

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the web version works good (with high battery drain).
But would it not be nice if the app version would also work on the FP3+?

You could try using an external microphone.

There is a topic about using an USB microphone (Shure MV88+) for the FP3.
Unfortunately the user didn’t come back with her experience so far.
I just reopened the topic and asked for some report.
(Though it’s not exactly a cheap solution at about 200 Euro for the video kit with table stand. I guess there might be cheaper ones available as well.)

Here’s for example the product page of Rode with microphones for mobile devices. (Because some Rode mics were discussed for the FP2 if I recall it correctly).
I found the vlogger kit from that page to be available from around 160 Euro.
But I have no idea of course, if that’s going to work.

Another possible example might be the “beyerdynamic FOX”. One user report on that page is stating to use it for video-calls/conferences. For Android an OTG-cable is needed.


This is similar to the issue I have with WhatsApp :frowning:


I appreciate your feedback! In fact, getting an external USB mic would be not a big issue (a friend owns a very good Rode).
And yes, this would be a workaround - although not very comfortable.

But to be honest, my workaround with the web version seems less expensive and more practical, as I don’t have to deal with a really big microphone and OTG-cables and carry them around always.
But I will keep your suggestion in mind maybe I will test this Rode with Jitsi - just out of interest.

I guess we have to accept these workarounds until the Jitsi app works on the FP3+.
I just don’t get why this app is working on the phones of my friends, but not on the Fairphone :frowning:

Yes, sounds similar. Maybe the different sound issues will be fixed in the next firmware update.

Thanks everybody for the feedback!

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maybe this helps:

Android app speaker volume very low - users / Meet on mobile - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users

(or another thread in Latest users/Meet on mobile topics - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users

Best wishes,


Sounds interesting and I tried it. But it did not change anything. Anyway, thank you for this hint!

Seems like I can not blame the Jitsi app for the problem, as it works fine on other phones. And as I see in this thread, similar or the same audio problems exist also in Zoom and WhatsApp, when used on the FP3(+).

So I guess this needs to be fixed by Fairphone in their firmware.


Very plausible argumentation.

You should definitely report this to Fairphone support, to make them aware of the problem in it’s full extent. They at least need to know, how many people have troubles and what apps are affected.


Of course you are right. But I already sent them dozens of bug reports and most of them are still open. So I guess, I should not add another issue, else they will get really upset - even more because the support is really overloaded since the Android-10-upgrade which introduced a lot of trouble for some users.

So I will wait some weeks to report this issue to the support team, not to flood them with even more bug reports and make them hate me :wink:
Guess I will reactivate my old OnePlus-Phone for Jitsi Meetings instead in the meantime.


Update to my post. The issue with low volume resolved itself, but i removed a couple of apps that used volume like music apps, recording apps etc. So maybe I had a app conflict?


I had this issue on jitsi and telegram. Switching to lineage solved. It is an unusual issue and I didn’t find anything online, it was a deal breaker to me and I to the most drastic measure

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Thinking about that, too. In fact, I used Lineage a lot before on previous phones and I am really impressed by the stability and reliability of Lineage.

But I will give Fairphone some more weeks or months to fix their OS. I really hope they will be able to fix all the bugs.
I use the FP3+ now since more than 3 months and have to deal with serious issues. Nice to hear that Lineage is still a reliable OS - this could be the chance to get my FP3+ finally in a working condition. Let’s see.

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