I've deleted the apps icon

Ive deleted the apps icon (circle with 6 dots - actually, that entire ‘most used apps’ widget thing) … there used to be a way of adding apps/widgets to screen on android by holding down on any of home screens and you can add ap/widget/shortcut.

However I notice this doesn’t work - holding down prompts user to change wallpaper.

So how can I add this 6 dots thingy (not sure what this is called but I call it the apps drawer )?


If you are using Fairphone OS 1.6 you have to slide from the right side of your screen to the middle - the circle with the six dots will appear - release the finger on that symbol. on the top you will see “widgets”, tap it and then scroll available widgets by sliding right to left until you see the “your apps” widget. hold it with your finger to move it to one of your homescreens.

If you are using Fairphone OS 1.8 it might work differently, I don’t know, I never had it.

It’s the same with Fairphone OS 1.8 press and hold the home screen and you will see a page where you can drag home screens around. Below your home screens there are three options: settings, widgets and apps.

Edge Swipe also works on 1.8.

Congratulations - you are the 1000th user who accidentally removed the “Your Apps” widget. :smile:

Here’s why it happens: The Your Apps widget has the app drawer (6 dot) icon exactly in the place where the red “remove” area appears when moving widgets around.
So if you touch that icon just a bit too long, it turns red instantly, and the only way to avoid removing the whole widget is to move away from the red area and release.
It happened to me, too, on several occasions, and likely almost every FP user.
It would be so easy to solve: Put this widget’s app drawer icon out of that critical spot on the next update.

About Edge Swipe: It used to offer the widgets too, after the apps, but no longer in 1.8.

As of 1.8, the options are also available by tapping the menu button.

Hmm, when I press/hold home screen (little house at bottom), I do not see a page where you can drag home screens around. Odd.
Just seen the side swipe, and luckily 6 dots icon is one of swipe icons, so ok, im back - however, two questions …

  1. you can edit side swipes, so what would you do if the 6 dots thing wasn’t there?
  2. It seems that 6 dots thing is part of the “your Apps” widget … what if I just want the 6 dots thing (I call it the “drawer”) ?

@KingJuanCarlos: Stefan meant the screen itself, not the button. Alternatively, tap “menu”.

1: You can, but not remove the 6 dot thing (drawer)
2: That would be nice, but currently not available.

You could install the normal Android launcher from F-Droid:

It features an app drawer icon on the home screen.

  1. this is true - the 6 dots icon can never be removed from the side swipe thing. I’ve tried it, and I cant get rid of it.
  2. yes, it would be nice! hmm.

Thank you Stef.

brilliant! I’m exactly the 1000th user to do this! Oh lordy, I hope I win a prize!

But interesting at just how often this happens!

Yes your idea is very good - or put back that “hold your finger on screen” to add apps/widgets thingy.

Thanks Arnd.

thanks, but think it probably does work differently now :smiley:

To be clear, this is what I see, when I press the menu button ( I’m on FP OS 1.8):

You can add widgets, or go to the app drawer.

It should be noted that I had a version older than 1.6 - I’ve just updated it. I think there was an error when the 1.8 version was downloaded - presumably because 1.6 was expected.

Anyway, on 1.6 now, and its no different -when I press OR press/hold menu button (left button) or home (middle button), I just get …
wallpaper/manageapps/system settings/tutorial (menu) or for home, last used apps.

OK thanks