iTunes and Fairphone... Issues with playlists

I have all my music on iTunes and am now putting it on my fairphone. I had no issues converting the songs to mp3 and to copy-paste them onto the phone, but I can’t take over my playlists, and neither can I create new playlists directly on the phone.

Thus my question: How can I create/get playlists on my fairphone?

Thanks in advance!

You can create playlists in the default music app. It’s not very convenient though and as far as I know, you can’t import or export playlists…

There are a lot of alternative music players out there. A quick search at Google returned this:

Especially DoubleTwist should be interesting for you because it is “a simple, seamless way to sync your music between iTunes and Android”. [Source]

Hope, this helps you! :slight_smile:

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I tried double twist once. In theory I think it’s great for people with lots of apple devices because you can synch with iTunes and use AirPlay.
For me the problem was that the free desctop app you need to install to be able to synch can’t handle my big media library and always crashed.
But if you have a small library this should work :smile:

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Does someone have experiences with DoubleTwist? I wanted to upgrade to the pro-version. The aim is to stream music and videos to an apple tv box. But I received a “homebrew warning”: My Android version lacks essential Android API. DoubleTwist cannot guarantee that the application works on my Android.
Do you know if doubletwist is running on a Fairphone?

I tried doubleTwist on my FP2 and Mac OS X. It synced music but it did not copy the playlists itself. (Also it did not show the covers which I had as “folder.jpg” in the folders of albums or as an embeded file in one of the tracks of an album.)

But I recognized that the right format is “m3u” and so I exported my Playlists out of iTunes as M3U-data, copied them to the FP with Android File Transfer in the “music”-Folder on my second SD-Card and the stock music player of FP Open shows them now.

I deleted doubleTwist on my phone because it did not the job and so I have no use for it.

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