It's official: I'm never getting to purchase a FP

I’ve been wanting to purchase a FP (FP 1 included) since it was first available for preorder in 2013, but the waiting time always was a huge turn off in my case and the current delivery date of FP2 has once again recently (as of a couple 3-4-5 days) shifted well into the future which means I’d have to wait 120+ days for a electronic gadget to ship to my delivery address after purchase.

I understand the concept and the ethics behind FP2 but this preorder time just kills all the positivity I’ve had about this project.

Waiting that long for a electronic gadget (even if it’s a fair produced one) in 2017 is just insane.

Just my 0,02€- thanks for reading!

I can appreciate your point of view here. It is a long wait.

One of the reasons for the wait now though is that Fairphone need to secure orders in order to ruin through a batch production. They have to do this as they don’t have the funds as a small company to produce phones that then sit as stock for months on end. It’s a funding model that has done well to be honest

You can always look to purchase through a reseller or buy a second hand phone


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