It's getting hot in here (FP2 battery problem)

Hello FP community :smiley:

I had problems with my FP2 but aftern sending it to the support everything worked fine until now.
My problem in a nutshell: Someone has left my FP on the radiator and it wont charge now. If I try to plug it in a red light starts to blink.
Is the battery gone? Is there a way to identify the problem before I order a new battery (although they dont have any on stock so I have to wait until April)?

Thanks a lot

Red light blinking only indicates that the battery has drained altogether before you started to charge it. Normally the red light should become steady after a while. If it does so, leave it in the phone (preferably not turned on) until the red light turns green. If that works, see if everything works again.

However, given the battery stayed on the radiator for a while and seems to have not taken it well, you should also have a look at the battery and see if there are any visible changes to it (especially: is it bloated?)


Thank you.
The battery does not seem to be bloated.
I am going to let it charge for now

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Ok current situation: I have got my hands on a 2nd battery. The Phone did just vibrated over and over again when I tried to turn it on with the new battery.
I tried to charge the phone with the new battery (the charging screen showed the battery was already 50% charged). After an hour the light on my phone went from green to red and the battery is almost empty.
I tried different batteries with different chargers. So I suppose something with my phone is wrong. Should I contect the support?

That’s an option. Just know that since this is not a warranty issue you will have to pay for postage and service + spare parts.
Another option would be to contact #fairphoneangels if there are any near you and let them help you figure out which part is defective so you’ll only have to pay for the replacement module.


Okey, thank you.
Could you explain what this fairphoneangels are and how I can contact them?

The blue word is a link that will take you to all the relevant info.


Oh, did not know.
Thanks a lot :smiley:


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