It'd be nice to be able to upgrade the SOC

I’m coming from an FP3+, I updated to Android 13 and the phone basically was unusable

Tried to downgrade to 11 and restore the cloud backup, but the backup, once upgraded, cannot be used for lower Android versions (which is, honestly, quite embarrassing and disappointing)

Read about the FP4 and its ghost inputs, I decided to avoid it.

FP5 is just out and has a very modest SOC. I’d love to jump on that, but I’m thinking if I’ll be in the same situation as the FP3+ right now.

What’s the point of having SW updates available when the HW cant keep up?

Would it be feasible, instead, just releasing a new SOC so that people can update SW and upgrade their HW too?

Please have a look here or at one of the many other topics addressing this.