It is impossible to type anything in the browser and in browser-based apps

Please do the #touchscreentest

Thank you, I did it and it looks like there is nothing wrong with my touchscreen. So I guess it has it is a software problem?

Are you using the preinstalled web browser? This one is highly outdated and should not be used anyway. Better get a different browser.

Well, I also use Firefox (which indeeds works better) but when it comes to logging in on browser-based apps I guess it uses the preinstalled one automatically. Is there a way to change that?

No, sadly many apps rely on the old webview engine used by the preinstalled browser. What speaks against accessing the contents in Firefox, rather than in the browser-based apps?

Some profiles are linked to my Facebook account (as for example Spotify) and since I deleted the Facebook app (because it caused all the sudden reboots) it automatically opens the preinstalled browser when I have to log in.

Ah okay, might be worth a try to go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Browser and reset the standards.

If you are lucky, the next time an app requests you to log in to Facebook, you are presented the choice between Firefox and Browser.

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Thank you. Hopefully it will work. Otherwise, I would probably have to learn to live with the inconvenience :wink:

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If I’m not mistaken you can also simply disable the browser and “Android WebView” and then Firefox will be used automatically.
I’m not 100% sure about this though - maybe I’m just not using any apps that use webview.

Unfortunately this solution didn’t work. I will try @paulakreuzer’s idea. Where can I find this option?

The option to disable apps can be found at the same place as reseting standards.

I have the same Problem with logging in into Apps and it’s not possible to disable the pre-installed Browser.
What else can i try?

Try Disable Manager (Assists the disabling of pre-installed apps) from F-Droid. It has been recommended here.

Says the Browser is undisablable :frowning:

Unfortunately I’m out of ideas… :frowning: The best you can do is to contact the app developers and ask if there is an alternative login procedure.

Unfortunately I also don’t have a solution. My suggestion would be to work around it. Use other browsers if possible (although, my phone gets really slow hen I use other browsers) and when it comes to logging in on apps: just keep trying. Sometimes (unfortunately not always) it works after trying a few times.

Perhaps the app Lightning (F-Droid) could be a solution. It’s a less heavy browser compared to Firefox.

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Thanks for trying :oI , I’ll try to workaround.

Tanks for the tip :slight_smile: . However, I tried that app and it does not work that well. I always have to refresh the webpage more than 3 times before it fully loads the webpage -_-

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