Issues with Stock Fairphone 5 OS especially around the Camera and Flashlight and Maybe GPS

My Phone has a small black cutout in the top right as if it thinks that there should be a front facing camera in the top right, this is annoying ← I managed to fix this, somehow it was enabled in developer options.

Some apps cannot use the camera properly, such as pokemon go when trying to scan a pokestop.

Some apps when trying to use the camera seem to be defaulted to the low res cam for HDR as the image is really blurry and impossible to get focus on, restarting the app several times seems to eventually get it onto the high res camera, this is very annoying when trying to scan QR codes for example.

The flashlight options in the settings do not have any settings, the fact that it auto times out after a fixed amount of time is annoying, makes it annoying when trying to use it to light under a desk when working on my pc for an extended period of time or when using it as night light or to read in bed for example.

I’ve had a look around but cant find any solutions to these and don’t know where to report them to get them fixed.

I think there may also be GPS issues as on Pokemon GO my game shows me in locations some distance a way a lot of the time but after several minutes eventually corrects itself, there’s also issues if i’m not in a densly populated area, i think i have similar issues on the bus tracker app I use, but would need to experience it again to take note.

Phone Details

  • Fairphone 5 5G
  • FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115
  • 13 (TKQ1.230127.002)

Unfortunately I marked also, that the camera is not usable as a QR code reader for some apps, even they are allowed using the camera. Especially in Austria, there is an app, called “Digitales Amt”, created from the Austrian government. It’s used for some governmental actions, and to install it correctly, you have to read a QR code from a website wit a second device (PC) by registration.

The app is trying to use the camera, but instead to get a view from the website, the screen turns to black.

Trying the same procedure with some other phones, reading the QR codes is no problem.

Using the QR reader from a browser is also possible, but not in this special app.

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