Issues with Files App/Management

LEGEND: The 3 vertical dots menu = 3vd

My mental sanity is in danger

  1. in Files (which, when first activated, NEVER shows important or recent files, like last take screenshots, but…
    it shows only exceptions you need once a year (at the most once a month), like large fies.

  2. During several days, after tapping in the Search field (without entering anything) I got an horizontal menu with 5 choices [Audio, “Documentes and other”, Images, Videos, “Large files”, “This Week”]
    Today only 3 remains [“Images”, “Large files” (which it already showed on startup) and “This week”]
    Q1. Can someone tell me why this 3vd is unstable?
    Q2. Can someone explain what “other” is, as in my humble option everything in File and Document are 100% synonyms?

  3. The “This week” option, during those first days, was exactly what I needed:
    a) it showed ALL recent files in a clear vertical list.
    b) EACH file could be renamed, moved or deleted thanks to the 3vd at the end of each line!!!
    With other words: PERFECT! (cf. image below)
    Q3. Can someone tell me why it disappeared, and, most importantly, how to get it back? (i.e. THE LIST of ALL recent files with those 3vd at the end)

  4. Since a day or two, I can only see system files. Next is a screenshot when it worked fine, although the 6 first files shown are clearly SYSTEM files.

    Q4. Why are system files not put in a special system folder?
    Q5. What do I need to do so that all system files go automatically in that system folder? Now there are clearly SPOILING the file vieuws and disturbing the things I want to do, making it harder.
    Note : if folder is a wrong denomination, what denomination is correct?
    Q6. Why, when I choose “This week”, I mostly get 2 system fiels and nothing more? I.e. not even the screenshots I took today are included!!! Can you imagine?!??
    Q7. Why sometimes (and more and more) it shows me BIG PICTURES of most files (only 6,75 can be seen), without rename in the 3vd option… UNLESS… I hold down the tap and then those 3vd changes and “Rename” is suddenly a possibility!

Another inconsistency:
After trying during half an hour every option, and preparing this topic, suddenly (Q8. can you tell me how?) that big horizontal choice came back:
Audio, “Documentes and other”, Images, Videos, “Large files”, “This Week” But…
The “This week” not only does NOT show recent (user) files, but only 2 system files (without the 3vd at the end)

All those inconsistencies drive me crazy…
Please help

If that is true, do yourself a favour and take a break from the Fairphone! Please take care of yourself.

I cant help you with the actual issues, as I dont use this App.

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I use Files App from time to time to find my files, pictures, alike.
I never use Search function though.

So when I open the app it looks more or less like below (picture attached), I can see items categorised.

Now I can mainly try guessing how the search function works, see the second picture. It might be based on my recent searches or on more generic categories, in my case it does not suggest any files only provides me with these categories.

I am not sure why the option last week doesn’t show everything you did but again, it’s a reasonable guess, it is only the search function suggestions, it is not the actual content of your files.

Good luck

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@Meaghan: I don’t know how; I tried so much until suddenly I got what I want and can’t remember how… pity.
Anyway, thanks to your screenshot, I now have the same kind of window and… it works fine. I hope it stay like that.
I have 6 categories, Collections & Storage devices and Browse at the bottom in the middle.
I consider this solved!

I am glad.
Yet, as it was mentioned before, please do consider taking notes and putting down the steps you are taking with your phone as it is always better to know and - if needed - to be able to reverse the steps.

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