Issues with bluetooth

Hello fairphone community !
Making a post today because I have troubles with my Bluetooth.
I have currently a xiomi mi band 6 connected to phone. I wanna sync Xiaomi true wireless earphones, it works. But still when I start anything with sound ( YouTube, Spotify etc.) , I have some cracks in my earphones (like the ones you have listening a vinyl) and also a big one that make you bleed haha, then , between 3 to 15 seconds, there is no sound anymore while the music/ video is still running.

I have no idea on what to do :confused:
Am I the only one?
Fairphonely yours

Edit next day: I now use some aftershock aeropex in BT, it does work but still got the “cracks”.

I’m nothavingthe same issues.
Did you check for software or APP updates?
Maybe and ‘security’ Apps running, which is blocking the app or signal?
Or the last idea, the headphones are connected to your xiaomi and fairphone, so that is having problems with dealing on to connections.

Hope that helps other wise I would contact the FP Support.

I’m gonna suggest a potentially lengthy process, but I’ve had some success with fixing some Bluetooth audio stuttering that way, so please bear with me:

  1. go to Settings > About phone and scroll to the very bottom of the list
  2. tap the Build number entry 7 times until a little toast message on the screen says that developer options have been unlocked
  3. now go to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Bluetooth AVRCP version (alternatively, you can just use the magnifying tool icon in Settings menu and search for “AVRCP”, because the developer menu has quite a lot settings to scroll through).
  4. try switching to another version (1.5 is default one); I think you need to reboot the device for the change to apply, although I’m not 100% sure - still, it won’t hurt, I guess (:
  5. try testing your headphones after every change and see if there’s any improvement.

Thank you for this tip.

I had very frequent audio stutter over Bluetooth that often led to disconnects.
Changing to 1.6 seems to have fixed this. (1.3 and 1.4 did not work any better than 1.5.)

glad it worked for you (:

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