Issues with android 12 [ bluetooth and slow video ]

Has anyone else been having major issues with android 12 since updating their phones?

Updated mine today and, despite connecting properly, it won’t play audio out of my Bluetooth headphones. Plus it’s become incredibly slow and a bit buggy in some cases. Watching YouTube videos are now, for some inexplicable reason, unbelievably slow and laggy despite my internet connection being good.

Not really sure what to do about it. I’ve restarted it, and reset network and Bluetooth settings but it’s still not sorted it.

Seems like android 12 had teething issues when it came to the pixel phones however long ago now, but none of the fixes on those forums are sorting the issues out for me. Very frustrating. Advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Regarding the BT issues please read here

In general read here


change Bluetooth-A2DP-Hardware-Offload in developer settings.
a reboot is required.

Ahh thanks for this !! Didn’t think to scroll down and read the comments on that post. Very helpful :))

The Bluetooth thing has been solved for me by turning of the aptX audio thing in settings.


I don’t know whether this is the right place or totally wrong. So forgive me please.

I’ve finally succeeded to get sound through my Bluetooth ear buds again after upgrading Android from 11 to 12 on my FP4.
It took a while and I can’t say exactly what I did but attached screenshots shows the settings I’ve played around with inspired by this forum. (No clear solution for me).

Thus I can’t say whether these settings are optimal but as mentioned I have sound in my ear buds again!

I assume disabling aptX here did the trick,…

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