Issues reverting to previous OS

Currently on my first FP4 with /e/OS, and I have run into issues with apps I’ve previously gotten from the Google app store. Some of which are gmail, an app I’ve purchased through the app store, and one I am unable to log into after downloading. I’ve heard the previous OS is more google friendly and have tried to revert back to it but am unable to unlock the bootloader as when I enter the command, the response is < waiting for device >. I’ve tried multiple different usb to usb-c cables and even purchased a cable that allows for data transfer but no luck.

The Gmail and purchased apps aren’t too big of a deal but the last one is critical to my job. I’m hoping to be able to solve this issue because I would rather not go back to an unrepairable phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Do you use windows? Then try to manually update the driver, as explained here

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The driver is updated and FP4 is on latest update as well but still same result. I have noticed that I didn’t get the option to enter the bootloader unlocking code that is generated from the “Bootloader Unlocking Code for FP3 and FP4” page. All that is asked when enabling OEM unlocking is my pin to unlock my device. No text option is available on my keyboard, only numbers. I’ve removed the pin and tried again but it toggled OEM unlocking to the on position. Debugging is on as well as file transfer when connected to my laptop.

Also, when using command prompt on my computer (running windows) it doesn’t recognize the commands so I go into adb under the file manager and if I right click it then run it in Terminal (Microsoft Powershell) it responds but I still get the < waiting for any device > after giving the unlock prompt. Not sure if command prompt or terminal matter when going through these steps.

Ok one step after the other

Is OEM Unlocking enabled or not?

Because you write

However you still try to enter the unlock code? If you still need to enable, is the FP conected to internet, thats required.

Edit: not sure you need the code as you are on e/OS…

Edit2: as a precaution warning: be super carful when re-locking the bootloader to not brick the phone

OEM unlocking is enabled.

Ok so then the phone is in fastboot/bootloader and connected to the PC.

Do you see it in the device manager named something with “Kedacom or LeMobile”?

If not, back to manual search of driver.

If yes, what does the command fastboot devices tell you?

Open powershell/command tool from within the platformtools folder

When FP4 is turned on, Device manager shows “Android Device” with “Android composite ADB interface” as a dropdown. This shows the driver is up to date. However, when placed into fastboot/bootloader screen it switches to “Other devices” with “Android” as dropdown. This does not have drivers updated nor found.

Edit: I found the LeMobile update and now when in fastboot/bootloader, it lists Kedacom

Sounds strange however I think now it should work

Would you advise relocking the bootloader after installing the new OS?

I personally would not do it

Ok, thanks for your help!

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If you’re interested in a more detailes discussion of the pros and cons of re-locking your bootloader, there’s a really interesting >2-year-old post on the /r/LineageOS subreddit. It doesn’t talk about fairphone specifically, but the general ideas still apply. Also the conclusion is also no, since it’s rather risky - but the thread also gives some great recommendations and resources in case you decide to do it.

The FP4 has a known bootloader bug and especiall when being not in the EU I would not risk to brick the phone in a way it can only be fixed by Fairphone repair service, so please be careful with recommendations to lock.

LOS does not even support to relock the bootloader.

And to add the most recent example

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