Issue with FP2 screen: it slides up/down erratically


I have not found the description of this issue in the forum or in the list of known/investigated issues, hence I post it here. Sorry if it has already been reported.

From time to time, and under no particular circumstances (hours, position of the phone, after/before reboots, etc…), the whole fairphone interface of the OS slides up and down, making the phone unusable. I don’t know how to describe this behaviour properly, it is as if the whole screen was scrolling indefinitely up and/or down, with the upper part of the interface showing up at the bottom and continuing scrolling upwards. To my understanding it is not what I have seen refered to as crazy touchscreen input. It sometimes stops completely, and few weeks later does that again for a few minutes.

Anyone experiencing this problem? I’ve updated the OS to the latest one, with no improvement.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Does it look like this?

Actually not really, it happens even if I do not touch the phone, and more importantly it is the whole interface that slides up/down: even the bottom three buttons, the upper status bar, and the menu black bar ‘Einstellungen’ in your video. I’ve not seen this reported in the forum, and it only happens from time to time, but recently is started to pop up more often which is really annoying…

I just received my FP2 today, and I have the same problem. It’s not the glitchy scrolling issue - I’ve had that problem too.

This problem is the entire user interface rolling constantly upwards, like an old TV with bad reception. It is intermittent for me, and doesn’t always move at the same speed. (The sensitive areas in the screen do not move with the image. I can use the buttons at the bottom as if they were still there.)

I found that slackening the rubber case with my fingernails on the left and right sides seemed to alleviate the problem. When I released the case, it would happen again. I took the case off and stretched it half an hour ago, and it hasn’t recurred… yet.

This seems like a pretty big glitch for a brand new phone to have. Is it a problem with my screen, my case or a software issue? Any advice would be appreciated.

From the way you describe the issue my best guess is it’s an issue with the connection between the screen and the rest of the phone. If it happens again - @Antoine_Strugarek you too - I’d try to take off the screen and carefully clean the connectors. Then put it back and make sure it sits right and tight.

First time removing the screen could be a bit hard, here is a guide on what to do then.

I had this issue once and I don’t remember if it went away after using the power button to turn off the screen or if I had to take off the screen. I already suggested cleaning the connectors for so many different issues here on the forum that it’s like a reflex. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @paulakreuzer and @ABK, I’ll try cleaning the connectors and report back here if I see again this issue.


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I have had my FairPhone 2 for a few weeks now (was given a new one from the factory after contact with the support), and today when I took it out from my pocket and unlocked it, it suddenly began moving the entire screen up constantly in varying speeds.

I really cant explain further what’s happening, so I filmed it. I also removed the display, put it back, and did a factory reset but none of that helped unfortunately.

Heres a YouTube-link. Would love suggestions on how to solve this. Phone is unusable.

Best regards

I moved your post here where the same issue has been discussed before.
Try to #disassemble the screen and clean the connectors.

Hello and thank you!

I tried to disassemble the phone and clean the connectors (with 96% alcohol), but unfortunately that did nothing. Any other suggestions?

Unfortunately I believe that means you have a hardware issue and you’ll need to contact support to get your screen replaced.

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