ISO United Kingdom network recommendations

Planning to get a Fairphone and will need to get a new SIM too (no mobile for last 2 years). Wondering of any recommendations / warnings about what network provider to go with. Thanks

I think all European networks should work, but you could check out the following topic: Which telecom operator is fair?

There are also some fair efforts in the UK.


I know @chris_r is from the UK, maybe he has more insight in this. And the thread @Stefan is indeed a very good one discussing ‘fair’ telecom providers :smiley:


I’m on the giffgaff network - it’s a virtual operator running on the O2 network. I can PM you a link for a free SIM if you that suits you. They do fairly good deals with ‘goodybags’ which are bundles of minutes, texts and data.

There are all the big networks too as you would expect, but I don’t know whether they offer free SIMs or what their Pay an Go tariffs are like.

In the ‘Fair’ operator topic I also talk about the phone co-op, they do good deals, although competitive not as good price wise as giffgaff

You can compare mobile tariffs here

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I’m on Three (which is ok and cheap) but use The People’s Operator as a secondary sim. TPO doesn’t advertise to bring more value to customers.
In addition, when you sign up, TPO gives you the opportunity to search and select from their database of UK Charities and Causes. 10% of your bills are automatically be allocated to the cause.

Thanks, that link would be great!

Thanks everyone. A bit nervous about taking the plunge with the phone as it seems one needs a little more technical know-how than with the ready-meal phone and contracts I’m used to. But this is all helpful.

I’ve PM’d you a link :smile:

@Chris_R Glad to find a fellow Fairphone giffgaffer!! I’m struggling with setting up the APN settings on my new phone - if there’s any help that you can point me to it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @Ruthcup

Glad to see another giffgaffer too :wink:

APN settings are on this page

I set the APN type to include internet and mms so then you only need add in one new APN that does everything.

Let me know if you need any more detailed instructions, I’m just on travels at the moment so trying to write quickly on my phone :sunny:

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Hi @Chris_R - thanks so much for helping. I gave up and switched it off overnight and it seemed to be working in the morning… Might have been a case of impatience rather than a faulty phone/network :/.

Enjoy your travels!


I use the Phone Co-Op in the UK. Not the cheapest (although reasonably priced), but good customer service and fits in with a more ethical approach to telecoms.