Is this offer legit?

At this site they sell the fairphone for more then a hundred euros less then on the official site. Is this legit?

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I think this suggests 524 Euros is the price before taxes and 634 including taxes:

The headline states a wrong screen size (should be 6.3).


Yeah weird. No one does that in the Netherlands, stating price without taxes. The tax rate is correct though. A bit sketchy. Also the amount of inch may be the length instead of the diagonal, also very unusual though. Still 634 is cheaper then on the fairphone site

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If you are interested, you might want to consider Fairphone’s May deal (FP3+ or FP4 with free wireless earbuds included).

The 5.65 might be taken over from the FP3. It’s the exact display size there.

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It’s legit and it’s a company focusing other companies. It’s exclusive taxes and I don’t recommend p it purchaising there, because the 40 EUR discount is cheaper on FP site or the same prize

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