Is there such a thing as a fair cable?

My PC cable is dying and I need to buy a new one. I thought about checking out if there’s a “fair trade” cable somewhere but found little info. So I thought about asking here.
Do you know if such a thing exist?
Thanks anyway!


Welcome to the Fairphone Community Forum. :slight_smile:

Could you specify what you mean by “PC cable”? The power cable for your computer/laptop?

In case you mean a USB-to-USB-C or USB-to-micro-USB cable, German online shop Vireo now offers somewhat recycable cables that use fair tin:


Thanks for the reply!
Indeed, it was clearer in my head. I meant pc power cable.
And thanks for the recommendation! Are they only in german?

Maybe the FairLötet * guys – who source the fairtrade tin that the Recables offered by Vireo use – can provide better suggestions.

*roughly translates into “FairSolder”


Many thanks!
It’s great to hear about other faire trade electronics initiatives. From my researches on google and reddit, there’re still none to only a few (the fairphone, the faire mouse and 1 or 2 others.)

So, I contact the folks at FairLotet and they very kindly replied. Unfotunately, there are no fair trade alternatives… So the best option is to buy used ones :slight_smile: And that is what I’m gonna do.

Thank you so much for your recommandations!


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