Is there any equivalent to the Fairphone 3 battery that can be purchased in the states?

Half a year ago my battery started bloating. I threw it out thinking a replacement would be easy. There’s no way to ship to the US directly, so i tried getting the help of a friend in Europe. Only to find out that overly aggressive hazardous materials protocol makes it impossible for someone to legally ship a battery packaged individually internationally to the US from Europe.
I don’t have another option. Batteries can be brought in carry on luggage, but covid is made it where no one I know is traveling to the US in the foreseeable future. Anyone know a solution to this dilemma? I already disposed of the bloated battery, so mailing my phone to have the battery come back enclosed in it isn’t an option either because my data is not backed up or secured.

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I did see mention of the battery manmufacturer, will look for it. Meanwhile ask Fairphone directly via their email [support]


You may want to read this topic/thread

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International regulations are indeed strict & complicated when it comes down to ship (lithium) batteries to another country - especially as air cargo or shipped by vessel (marine).

I got some business experience with it and I dare to say:
Unless you are a company (*) forget about shipping them to another country. It’s simply too expensive & complicated if you want to do it right.
And you want to do it right cause there are high fines if you get caught without being compliant with the legislation of your and the destination’s country (and at several times even the countries inbetween - complicated … )

(*) For “private persons”: you only may ship 1 single battery in your device privately for your own use & it must be connected to the device while being shipped, inside the device, not stand alone (cause for such LI batteries outside a dedicated device the legislation for shipping dangerous goods is even stricter; especially IATA (air cargo) and IMDG (marine) transport)

Fingers crossed for that some retailer or FP takes over the shipping to US.

Maybe anyone here can suggest good hints where FP batteries are available in the US ?

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I guess this German shop ships worldwide:

Maybe you can just write them an email and ask if it is possible to send it to the US.


Would be great if they do.
I can recommend them.
Got my FP3 there and they are competent and friendly


I just tried them. It looks like they are unable to ship the batteries alone to the states. If it wasn’t just the battery it would be a good option though.

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So may have changed availability. You may like toask them when they did and if they know of another source.

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