Is there a timeline for development of a free OS on FP3?

Hey there …

ist there any timeline for other operating systems for that phone?

I would like to get these phones into our family with a google free OS.

Currently there is only this phone with an unfair OS or there are unfair phones with free OS.

i can’t get any further :slight_smile:

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Quoting Fairphone …

“We are currently investigating the possibility of making Fairphone Open available on Fairphone 3.”

And there’s this topic here …

FP3 custom rom development based on released source code

No timeline yet.


There is no other OS from Fairphone in the pipeline. It is better to buy another phone with lineage support.

We are working towards making available:

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I would also be interested to buy a FP3. But only if there is official support for a free OS from Fairphone.

Source? That page gives information about the things FP are working on, but it doesn’t say there’s no open OS in the works.


Shouldn’t you just add:
… if a Google-free OS is your main priority.

Otherwise this statement is plain wrong in my opinion.
Well, at least with regard to this correct statement.

Since @nudge obviously want’s to avoid having to decide between those options.
As @AnotherElk already posted, there is something going on regarding possibly Lineage for the FP3.
Usually it takes up to 6 months, before a non-official OS becomes available.
Since FP was really available not before mid-November, this means, one should wait at least til April or even May before starting to complain.
Well, in my opinion at least. Everyone is free to differ.


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