Is there a possibility to block numbers with FP2?

I use dual SIM: one for my private number, the other for my business number. On my business number, I receive spam calls every hour. Is there a possibility to block certain numbers – or better yet, numbers by regexp – on FP2?

I use an application called Should I Answer? It’s intuitive and user-friendly and does the job well…

Thanks, I’ll have a look whether there are usable open-source apps (I don’t have a Google/Play Store account).

It seems there’s no built-in blocking possibility :confused:

The only built-in way is to add it as a contact and then tick send straight to voicemail.


Another theoretical possibility is to add to a contact and set the ringtone to “none”. However that seems to reset itself to default as soon as you save.
I’ll see how I get on with sending to voicemail but hope they don’t bother leaving anything.

I have now written my own call-blocking app (it’s not that hard). I wonder why there’s no one in F-Droid yet… maybe I can publish it.


So with the new version of the FP they edited this option out? Because from what i read elsewhere it was still possible to block contacts with the FP1.

I also would like to know. Cause I keep receiving calls from strangers, who are looking ‘for some conversations’, in reaction to my missing dog posters…
I don’t know how to block these weirdos.


I have now published the app:

It can block certain numbers (including wildcards) and private numbers, with or without notification. Have fun blocking all those spammers :slight_smile:


Can you open Merge Requests? I’d like to collaborate with the Spanish localization, :slight_smile:

I’m giving your app a try j-unique. So far so good. Have to leave my phone on all night in case a client calls from the other side of the world. But so do the spammers and chuggers :¬( . Shame its not an option in the standard FP contacts list, but discrete app is good :¬)

So, I just got a call from a dangerous ex with a new number. Am I reading this correctly - I have to download an entirely new app in order to block his number?
Fairphone - this is really not great for women’s safety in particular. We should be able to block a number from the get-go, as was possible in FP1.
Can we please have this updated imminently? Thanks

ps. for those who may not know: sending a call to voicemail is different to blocking, because they a. know you’re on that number and b. still leave threatening and awful messages.

Thank you for making such an app. May android and the link give you loads of money to make it native everywhere.

@j-unique Good job creating that app, really useful for Android users :slight_smile: And thanks for making it open source :heart:

Blocking all numbers by default, but allowing calls from numbers that have been pre-approved (i.e. are in your address book) would probably be a good approach. It’s too easy for someone who’s being a persistent nuisance to get a new phone number…
There is a feature suggestion for the app by @j-unique, though I’m not sure whether it works. There may also be other apps that implement this.

I think call blocking is available in Android 6, an update to which should be released by Fairphone in the next few months.


I think getting a new number to disturb somebody (because the old number is blocked) is inacceptable and is stalking.

Write a polite letter (with receipt) to your disturber that you will inform the police when he is calling with another new number again, tell him that this behaviour is stalking, you will only accept polite letters from him. (Do this really if he disturbs again although he is informed.)

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