Is there a plan to replace the FP2 battery?

I’ve been dealing with terrible battery life since I acquired FP2. I hoped that with Android 7, things would be better, but for no luck. If I have the phone with screen at the minimum level (but on) and good wifi (always on), I’ll have only 4 to 6 hours battery life!

I’ve followed all guides and hints. The only way to extend battery life is to have the phone with screen off AND in fly mode. But that’s not a phone!

So, the topic I’d like to discuss: wouldn’t it be interesting to develop a new battery with higher store capacity for FP2 in the “modular paradigm”, like it happens with the camera? Even having a fatter battery and changing the back cover to have a protrusion in it would be ok, in my opinion.

It’s just terrible to be always switching fly mode on and off to be able to have the phone with one battery cycle for simple 12 hours…

I think something drastic should be made about this battery issue, besides guides that change very little to the final result.

PS: Another option would be to change the screen or the OS to allow the brightness to be even lower than the lowest today…


The FP2 is not being produced at all anymore, so I’m pretty sure they won’t develop a new battery model anymore.
If your battery was bad from the beginning you should have returned it in time. You had 1 year warranty on it. Though if you keep your screen on all the time, even on the lowest brightness level, 4-6 hours is probably normal.

Why don’t you just get an external battery?


If you can’t make it through the day, a power bank makes sense. They come in all kind of price ranges and qualities, such as a 3k mAh (1 FP2 charge) for 15 EUR or a 10k mAh for 30 EUR.

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4-6 hours isn’t normal - even for the FP2. Of course, it depends on how you use the phone. But if you just keep it on stand-by, make a short call from time to time and read the occaisonal text message or website, it should last about twice as long.

Did you check (with apps like AccuBattery) if there is any specific app or function that’s causing the drain?

If the display is really permanently active, then I can only second what @paulakreuzer said: Under such conditions this is just what you can expect.


Hi dtygel,
The battery life of the FP2 is a problem. The battery reset procedure does help. However, whether is it 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours of normal use, it means that the user needs to carry a charger around with them or perhaps an extra battery, just in case. It gets pretty tedious. I’m otherwise happy with my FP2 (I can just about tolerate the random reboots) but if there is no hope of obtaining a better battery (as one member said) it will be my last fairphone unfortunately.


Based on some napkin math the battery is about 2200 mAh which is ~75% of a battery in current smartphones (those have usually about 3000 mAh). So you’d gain about ~25% more uptime.

That’s 5 hours instead of 4; 7,5 hours instead of 6; 10 hours instead of 8. It would not solve the problem.

The problem here is that ‘4 hours’ is meaningless. 4 hours of what exactly? Keeping it in your pocket? Terrible reception? Active screentime?


Thank you for your reply. I think that 10 hours instead of 8 hours could make a useful difference. However…
Since my last post I’ve been paying more attention to my battery life, and actually it is not that bad. I have it on all day, usually with WiFi, or 4G data if I’m out. I take a few calls, send some texts, might check the internet, use a few apps. It’s usually dormant. When I use google maps in the car I plug it in (which is only sensible).
Anyway, I charge it each night, and after 12 hours of light use like this, the battery is at 50%, which is fine.
AND, my FP2 is 3 years old!
Really, my battery should be coming to the end of its life. And the beauty of the FP2 is that I can replace the battery, not the phone. That’s why I bought it in the first place!
So, I will order a new battery and I will let you know how it goes.
Overall, I’m happy with my FP2 and I hope to keep using it for many years.


Oh, and I do the battery reboot (run it flat, take battery out for 30 mins, then put back together and plug it in to charge fully - and do this twice, 2 days in a row) when the battery starts to drain quickly, and it really improves battery performance a lot.


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