Is there a fair wall charger?

Hey everbody, I need some buying recommendations again. After some years my no-name wall charger finally broke (the USB-A port lifted from the PCB and after the attempt to solder it back to the board, a resistor inside blew up, when I tested the charger…).

Does anyone of you know of a wall charger that supports social values and/or whose materials are sourced in a fair way?

If not, do have experiences with chargers that are either very long lasting and/or easily repairable?

Looking forward to your answers!

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Hmmm… this?


Might be an option for a group buy… I just checked the shipping costs:

Why does a wall charger and a cable cost 13.80€ in shipping???

Also, I don’t necessarily need a cable (in the not too distant future micro USB will become obsolete).

Yes, that’s the downside… I got mine when Fairphone replaced my FP2 backcover under warranty, and we reached a deal so it cost less to me. I admit ~24€ is expensive for a charger.