Is there a fair dumbphone?

Hello dear fairphoners,

I couldn’t find a similar topic; if there is one don’t hesitate to indicate to that.

I told my father about the Fairphone project and he was very enthusiastic until I came to the part where I told him that they only sell smartphones. His old phone is getting worse and he is thinking to get a new one, but he definetly does not want a smartphone.
So my question is if any of you know an equivalent to FP that produces dumbphones? Ever heard of something like that?

(Btw I just stumbled over that: Look who’s first place :smile:)

The fairest phone to get is always a second hand phone.


I’m not sure about the ethics, but I’d recommend “John’s Phone” as a suitably stylish dumbphone…

I totally agree, but there is none available from family or friends, and I really don’t feel good about spending money on a probably older phone (there are not so many dumbphones around anymore)

Thanks for the link but my dad really doesn’t care about looks. Also I should probably have mentioned that a cam would be nice.