Is there a difference in the motherboard in the FP1 and the ones in the store?

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I’ll start out with some background to my question:
My FairPhone 1 FE has started having problems that make it very impractical to use.

On the hardware side of things, everything on top of the phone is worn out. I will admit that I not the most prudent phone owner.

  • The power button doesn’t react well. I have to press it often, long and sometimes in a very special way to get a reaction from the phone.Last week, the phone fell. There was no reaction at all after that, but when I opened the phone up en made sure everything was in the right place, things are as before.
  • The headphone jack often doesn’t detect the headphone. Although sound gets through, it does not switch off the external speaker. In other instances it doesn’t recognise the microphone in the headset. This is getting progressivly worse.
  • The USB connection has gotten a bit wonky as well. The connector has a bit of space to move. In certain positions, it will not charge the phone.
  • GPS is still not working as I’d like to be. I know this has been an issue and serious improvements have been made in past updates. But I still think it loses signal a bit too fast and picks up a signal way to slow. I use it in the car and for geocaching.

On the software side:

  • Things are a bit sluggish in general. This might be due to an AV-solution I am running. I could possibly live without this and maybe things would run smoother, but I haven’t tested this yet.
  • When I want to end a call, I often can’t because the screen keeps turning of before I can push the ‘end call’ button. This one is probably the most annoying.
  • I’m not quite read-up on the subject, but I heard new versions of Android might have difficulties finding their way to FP1. This is a minor issue as I need to be a front-runner for educational apps in our school.

I have bought a new type of phone, as an early adopter, so I knew that I could expect problems. Most of the minor and larger issues have been patched in updates. I’m not complaining about not getting my money’s worth.

The problem lies in the future. I think I am getting to a point where I have to make a decision between spending money on repairs or on a new phone.

Most of my hardware issues kan be solves with a motherboard with some new buttons thrown in for good measure, but I think the €120 euro is a bit steep if afterwards I am left with the GPS problem and the other issues.

So, on to the main question:
If I buy a new motherboard at the store, could my gps perform better?
I’m guessing it won’t affect the phone’s overall performance.

I really like the fairPhone idea and would really like to continue using this one a while longer. A new one is a bit pricy for me, unless they prove to last much longer than normal phones.

You might find a solution to this one here:

How to clean the proximity sensor.

As to your main question: The GPS performance won’t change with a new motherboard, but you could be able to improve it on the software side. Please read

Edit: The FP1 is the First Edition Fairphone 1, opposed to the second batch Fairphone 1, which is called FP1U (U standing for Unified Storage).

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Thank you for your answer. I’ve installed SatStat and play around with the advice you refered to.

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