Is the “Smart Unlock” app still working with Android 6?


I use the Smart Unlock app to keep my Fairphone 2 unlocked when it is in my home Wi-Fi. It works flawlessly with Android 5.1. That feature (keep phone unlocked while in a particular Wi-Fi) is not built in with Android. I use an unlock pattern.

Can somebody please test if this app still works (with unlock pattern and a “whitelisted” Wi-Fi) on the Fairphone 2 with Android 6? There are different reports whether this app is working with Android 6. And I don’t have Android 6 yet.


I guess the functionality included within the Android with Google services will work.

For Android without Google services, with the app you mentioned: I don’ know!

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I know of the built-in Smart Lock feature. Unfortunately, it cannot keep the phone unlocked in a specific Wi-Fi. (That is also not mentioned in the linked document.)

The Smart Unlock app is not working anymore with Android 6.0. I have started a new thread to collect another solution.

I will now close this thread. Please continue in the new thread.