Is the service department still on duty?

Does anyone here have a good experience with the Fairphone service?

In October I bought a new camera module for my FP2, hoping to improve the awkward quality of the original one. I was taught wrong. The new one has a big blurry area on the right side of every picture. I wrote a message to service on October the 25th and attached an example picture, nothing happened. I asked again on November 15th and surprisingly there was an answer five days later. I send the requested pictures the same day, nothing happened. I asked again by mail two weeks later, nothing happened. I sent an email a week later, and guess what happened? You’re right, nothing.

So it is now seven weeks after my first contact to the service and I still can’t take any reasonable picture. This is by far the worst experience with a service department I ever had. I just can laugh about the figures published her sometimes, how fast the service is reacting.

BTW my credentials in the Fairphone shop I used for buying my FP1 didn’t work for buying the FP2. These are not working for logging in to the service area. I tried several times to reset my credentials or create a new account, nothing worked. So maybe there is an answer, but I can’t see it.

And I’m not going to call, because when the service is working, I’m working too (in a software and service department!), to be able to afford this wonderful piece of fair smartphone and my employer won’t be happy if I would call to the Netherlands during my working time.

So at the moment I’m really upset, having a FP1 I can use as a paperweight after being promised to have a phone that works longer than any other on this planet, a quite expensive mediocre FP2, that seems to go the same road, staying on Android 6 while Android 8 is already out and not able to take a picture which is as good as from a 133€ Moto G5 with Android 7 I had to buy as a backup.

I know this is only a community forum, but it is hosted on the same page the seller of this ‘fair’ smartphone uses and as I’m not able to contact the service department in any way, I hope that at least sometimes one of the employees of Fairphone looks into the threads here and I will receive an answer.

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