Is the FP3 IP54 certified or is it a new feature of FP4?


The FP4 is IP54 certified, that means a bit protected against splashes and dust, but the FP3 had exactly the same certification, so…

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Ah, really? Ohhh, okay, I thought uff. They advertised it as if it was a new feature…

Well, actually it’s not mentioned by Fairphone anywhere, but is had been at the release and on many FP3 reviews, so quite unclear. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not…
Check this discussion here:


interestingly FP support page says the FP4 is the first to receive official IP 54 certificate… FP4. IP Rating 54 (dust & liquid protection) – Support


Well… did they only test “IP 54” before inofficially or what, i.e. did the test by themselve? :laughing:

Also, realistically, I can see that the FP4 should theoretically be more resistant, yet alone due to the missing headphone jack. Anyway, strange indeed.

BTW, can some mod possibly split this water-resistance discussion into a new thread? It obviously has nothing to do with the pre-order date anymore.


I don’t think FP3 was both IP54 and MIL-STD-810G compliant. Maybe the reference was to both?

MIL-STD-810 - Wikipedia is quite something. You could consider the device ‘rugged’ now.


MIL-STD-810G no, IP54 I thought so.

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I just used this price comparison website (Tweakers, in Dutch) to show all IP54 rated smartphones. It includes both FP3(+) and FP4. Geizhals mention no IP54, but do mention FM. GSMArena don’t mention either IP54 nor FM. What a mess…

Fairphone obviously no longer advertise the FP3+ to meet the requirements of IP54 protection, which seems to be correct:


To answer the question: The FP3 was at one point advertised as IP54 on the official website, and various websites such as price comparison websites and news articles mention it as such. However, the notion was silently removed from the website. For proof, see Headphone Jack Removal - Lost Customer - #33 by JeroenH


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