Is the fairphone lcd vegan?

This response to your ‘ancient’ post isn’t specifically aimed at you but that others may read it and think, What! Amoun has nothing to say? :rofl:

Again the issue isn’t if a product is vegan, i.e. doesn’t contain animal derived products or exploit the animals in order to produce ‘vegan’ products.

It is the intent of the consumer in reducing their habit of exploiting people and other animals that do not have the intelect or physical means not to be enslaved.

It’s an ethical issue for the individual not a label to apply to goods although that is becoming fashionable and a deceitful way of dragging the power into the acquisition of money the general tool of exploitation of people.

Thanks to Fairphone this issue of Fair trade can be discussed but it ideally applies to animals too, and as they can’t negaotiate a fair wages leave them alone.

By the way being vegetarian makes no difference to the cow.

  • She is artificially f**cked
  • The male children are sent off to the veal factory as soon as they can be
  • The young females are forced into pregnancy after two or three years
  • And the cycle repeats for thousands of years

All that just for the dairy industry, so do you wear your vegetarian coat and shoes made from leather with pride, that you didn’t eat the veal



Yeah, that comment was making me laugh, too. As if everyone is a carbrain, has, or even drives a car lol
I know not few vegans and not even one of them has a car. In fact, I sold mine after becoming a vegan.

Anyway, I didn’t want this to end up in one of those discussions about veganism. I just wanted to point out that OLED displays are a thing now and a vegan alternative for LCD displays.

And also the big opportunity for fairphone to contrast even more favourably from all the other phones on the market by openly working towards a vegan phone.


Michelin, one of the most reliable and long-serving tyre brands anywhere in the world, make 100% vegan tyres. They achieve this by using stearic acid derived from plant/vegetable sources. Vegan stearic acid is used across their entire tyre range, meaning you can obtain vegan tyres for any type of vehicle.
Are Tyres Vegan? | Wyatt Auto Services


The point wasn’t that everyone was a carbrain [sic], the point is we all use tires in one way or another.

Also, LCD is passé. I’d rather get an OLED, which also saves battery if used with a dark theme (less backlight required). But the fact Fairphone went for an LCD in the 4 is no doubt to cut down price.

I hope the main focus remains repairability/modularity and long support, but I also know vegans are cool with shelling out good amounts for money if its vegan (that it’s plastic is then OK). Ie. it is at odds wkth environment at relevant angles.

I’ve previously owned a FP3 with vegan case and now own a FP4 with leather case. The FP3 case gets worn out and does not have a similar worn out effect as leather famously gets. The material might look a bit like leather, but its just plastic in the end and it gets these white spots (foam I suppose?). My next case will be leather again, unless I can be confident its an improvement.

As for intent, its selfish only for feeling good, marketing perhaps. The only thing which matters, bottomline, is effect.

All animals are at odds with the vegetation environment as it’s a basic resource. There is no general environment although pretty big if you include the sun.

The environment being discussed is the one of concientiouness to individuals, and not just the miners and factory workers but all animals.

Phones etc. have so many toxic elements that plastic is hardly a concern, but these polutions are generally spread around the environment as in micro plastics in the water, food and air along with radioactivity and noxious gases, not to mention water as the major constituent in the atmosphere that creates the ‘global warming’ blanket.

All animals and plants suffer from theabove mentioned ‘polution’ although the suffering is not equal as a) each being has it’s own habitat and b) it’s own genetic weaknesses.

So the focus here in the ‘vegan’ meditation is to avoid direct harm to sentient beings and not to breed them for consumption.

Where there’s genetics there is intelligence, which in most animals can be seen to evoke empathy. Usually as ‘humans’ grow, especially females, and more so pregnant one, their emapthy grows.

Veganism is just a action of conciensiouness.

This requires or space in the being of the person who meditates. Removing the use/abuse of people/animals that are less inteligent and less able to defend themselves from daily activiyt is an ethical choice, a daily driver, and enhances conscientiousness.

I’ll leave those reading to decide what to do with the space.

There is no ‘display problem’ at all.
As already said in this thread, you can never be absolute sure, that there is no animal originated material in any product, you are using. But there is no evidence at all, that a standard LCD ain’t ‘vegan’, it’s just an urban legend, probably because of a misspelling, see ‘Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display’.
OLED has other flaws, burning in for example, so its probably not the best choice for a long lasting product like a Fairphone.

OLED burn-in is a legend, too. It is solved by refreshing the pixels every now and often (at the cost of a slight power increase). A 90 or more Hz screen is also more pleasant for the eyes.

As for animals being at odds with environment, not always true. There are symbiosis and a farm growing insects arguably does not harm animals as they don’t have a CNS, plus they’re a cheap, reliable source of protein. Chicken, too, but there are more harmed (they have a CNS) though less Co2 footprint than cows. Cows have a large Co2 footprint, whereas there’s less suffer than chicken (but more space requirement), they also have CNS.

There’s a comparison made between Co2 footprint showing veganism isn’t the most sustainable, but lacto-ovo vegetarianism is. No wonder given how cheap and reliable owning a chicken is, regarding cheap and reliable source of protein in the form of eggs, and cow milk is made locally. Neither requires a lot of water, all this in contrast with avocado, almonds, macamadia nuts (some of my fav foods but unfortunately not good for the environment).


Well that’s debatable in itself.

I grow all my own wheat, maize, beans, greens and fruit and all by hand with no input, on less than quarter acre of land. It’s called manual labour.

But the issue, as I go on and on about, isn’t a measure of external consumer destruction but, well if I have to say it, it will fall on deaf ears:

People tell me and I forget
When I am shown I tend to remember
But when I do it, I understand


You do that besides your 40 hour/week workweek? We don’t even have the space for all civilians doing such on their own land. There’s a good reason farmers exist; the centralisation of expertise and specialism and labor is worth the money. And with say one apple tree you already have an abundance of said fruit (I know this because we grow herbs, have a fig tree, and a pear tree). If the market fails to regulate itself, its time our goverment fixes the problem.

Either way, most people cannot / do not grow their own food. Just check out the city where Fairphone is located, Amsterdam. There’s no way the average Amsterdammer has space for a fruit tree. Some herbs on a balcony, maybe. Animals (say chicken for eggs), no way. So we are blessed we can afford this way of life. My examples regarding avocado, almonds, and macadamia stands.

Btw, what’s with the religious symbol under every post?

I believe on your little farmland, where you grow your food, you don´t like animals or insects, which are eating your crops. So, you make fences, remove weeds, kill (or at least relocate) snails and much more.

In the end you still take space from the potential living environment of other living beings (including the weeds) for yourself.
I´m not criticizing that - I´m just stating a fact.
All forms of life (no matter how small) are eating other lifeforms or ressources or space, which could possibly be necessary for other liveforms, too. That´s how life is.

My point is:
It´s not possible to live without killing or obstructing other beings.
So, living vegane might be nice for eachs own spirituality but still doesn´t change this fact.

Reducing waste and increasing efficiency (production / farming / living space) brings way more benefit (or relief) to the world than living vegane. Of course, if there were only a few million humans on earth all these thoughts would hardly matter in a global scale.


I’m not sure the Buhhdist OM revers to a relion but to the awarenes of being, which is outside of the time frame.

40hr week? some days it’s well over a hundred and I don’t work for money, I gave that up 50 years ago and turned my hand to the ground.

Turn on
Tune in
Drop out

As I say again this is not about improving, consumption with the bogus idea of sustainability, as some thing and some one soem where is being used.

Just trying to reduce my consumption especially of having people to do my laundry, collect my rain etc.

It’s not about improving the environment but reducing my use of it in any way I can.

There is no need for biodiversity if people leave the environment alone. Slow process I’ll get there and that’s the last you will here of me.

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