Is the Fairphone 5 Hi-Res audio compatible?


I have been using a Samsung S10e for years and I am considering buying a Fairphone 5, considering my Samsung is dying.

What looks great with the Fairphone 5 is that it has an SD card slot, which I need.

But I don’t find any information regarding the audio capability of the phone: is it able to read and send Hi-Res audio music (using Foobar, for instance) to an audio device? (preferably a wired headset).

Many thanks for your help!

Hello, here is the audio specs from the website:
The supported formats include: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC.

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just a quick note, the FP5 does not have the audio-jack, in order to use the wired set, you need the adapter, like the one offered in the webshop

I do not know where you are based but perhaps it could be possible to test the quality of the sound in a local shop or ask the local Fairphone Angel for help?

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