Is the 5ghz Hotspot working as intended with Fairphone 5?

Hello everyone, I’m a heavy hotspot user (Currently I am using a laptop tethered to an iPhone 13 Pro) and I’m getting very good internet speeds of more than 500mbits using the 5ghz WIFI band in conjunction with 5g on my iPhone. When I bought the Fairphone 4 about a year ago, I had to return it because I couldn’t get the 5ghz Hotspot working and the 2.4ghz option was way too slow for my use case scenario. With the new Fairphone 5 out, I am thinking once again about making the switch from Apple to Fairphone, but only if the 5ghz Hotspot is finally working on the new phone. Can anyone who is already using the new Fairphone 5 tell me their experience with the hotspot feature? Thanks a lot.

not use hotspot active, as have LTE internal in Notebook :wink: but yes, in Hotspot config is:

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Do you mind giving it a try to see whether or not it is stable? I watched a few reviews earlier today and tried to find information about how good the modem is but couldn’t find anything.

so, making some tests, ~2 hours connected Notebook to FP5 Hotspot in 5Ghz mode

  • FP5 on 5G, but not strong signal here, show DL/UP ~95/120 Mbps, same direct on Phone and tethered Notebook, both in Vivaldi browser
    (above when connect, now show on same place DL/UP ~160/130 Mbps)

  • on Notebook is Linux (Xubuntu 22.04), FP5 placed 10cm next to it

  • wifi connection speed “iw dev wlan0 link” show:

signal: -46 dBm
rx bitrate: 1200.9 MBit/s 80MHz HE-MCS 11 HE-NSS 2 HE-GI 0 HE-DCM 0
tx bitrate: 1200.9 MBit/s 80MHz HE-MCS 11 HE-NSS 2 HE-GI 0 HE-DCM 0
(sometime a moment RX jump between 960/1080/1200 Mbps
  • whole test time on Notebook played internet radio SomaFM, without any drop/interruption…

  • copy files (~5GB) in FP5 TotalCommander SSH-Plugin between NB<=>FP5 stable speed ~73MB/s

  • playing FullHD YouTube video in FreeTube, 0 frames skipped

  • download xubuntu-23.04-minimal-amd64.iso 1.72GB over torrent
    stable keep connections to ~23peers, total speed ~10MB/s

  • 80% of time i used www browser, not see any timeout or slowdown when loading pages

  • FP5 battery drain (with LCD off) ~5%/hour, not warm…

only “problem” i see in tcp pinging, some time is no responded
tried “tcping 443” maybe bad example? with result:

5142 probes transmitted on port 443 | 4764 received, 7.35% packet loss
successful probes: 4764
unsuccessful probes: 378
last successful probe: 2023-10-12 00:02:23
last unsuccessful probe: 2023-10-12 00:01:18
total uptime: 1 hour 19 minutes 24 seconds
total downtime: 6 minutes 18 seconds
longest consecutive uptime: 18 minutes 8 seconds from 2023-10-11 22:36:39 to 2023-10-11 22:54:46
longest consecutive downtime: 23 seconds from 2023-10-11 22:56:02 to 2023-10-11 22:56:24
rtt min/avg/max: 19.710/40.091/414.784 ms

TCPing started at: 2023-10-11 22:36:39
TCPing ended at: 2023-10-12 00:02:23
duration (HH:MM:SS): 01:25:44

then i tried normal non-tcp ping ran ~30minutes

1708 packets transmitted, 1707 received, +12 duplicates, 0.058548% packet loss, time 1709378ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 17.605/34.445/321.235/21.077 ms


1701 packets transmitted, 1701 received, +5 duplicates, 0% packet loss, time 1702373ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 17.479/37.059/267.538/23.365 ms


Thank you very much for investing the time.

Well, Google DNS is inevitably popular with the bandits of the Internet:
so it might be as well to choose a quieter spot for testing, but thanks for the thorough report :smile:

@VictorS My own experience, much less demanding than the above, but quite regular, is that the FP5 is providing a good hotspot on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, as long as you remember to turn off Wi-Fi on the FP5 (as you probably would anyway, in the circumstances).

Hi guys,
I check first, if there is already something regarding hotspot exist, and I found this one, So I hope is OK I place my question here.

I got my FairPhone5 for couple of weeks, and I am going to use him for hotspot, and I dont have any experiences with hotspot.

I got from my provider unlimited mobile data, first 40GB in full speed, after with reduced speed 20Mbit/second. This will be under e-SIM (no nanoSIM inserted).

I am going to use this for my home-office purpose.
Not every day whole year, but like 2-3 weeks, 3x - 5x in year. And during those 2-3 weeks, I will use hotspot every day, probably from 7 → 22 oclock. I will be using CAD data, usually assemblies like 250MB, download, process and after upload back to PLM. All is running under windows and VPN. But could happened, that I might need to download assembly like 2-3GB, 2 or 3 times per day. Plus email and TEAMs comunication like calls with shared screen.

My first question is, if FairPhone5 is capable of “idea”, like usinig him as hotspot.

If yes, is it OK with usage like this?
Or if I can cause some damage of modem due to heavier traffic, also in respect to damage of the battery as well (heat + high consumption…etc).

Could be there some differencies in speed, when I compare phone with mobile data on hotspot?
Because in my home I have 20Mbit conmection ať WiFi and this works absolutely fine.

Thanks for coments,

I don’t see why not. In my experience the FP5 provides a good stable hotspot.

The use case that you describe sounds OK to me. The bandwidth of your hotspot will depend mostly on the quality of the phone’s 4G - 5G connection, so make sure your carrier (network operator) provides good coverage in the area where you’ll be working. If that’s good, then you should obtain at least 20 Mbps with the PC, I would expect considerably more.

One tip: since you’ll be using the phone quite intensively for some periods, it’ll be best to leave it plugged in to power. Make sure you set the battery charge limiter to 80% so that you don’t flog the battery. This is a much appreciated feature that Fairphone have included for the FP5.
Go to Settings > Battery and enable “Battery protect”.

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I have reasonably good experience with previous phones with usb tethering. The connection was stronger and the phone was being charged at the same time. Would gladly hear some other opinion on that.

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Sure, USB tethering is a good option. I use that too. Wire is so often better than radio.

However, if you need to put the phone near the window to improve 5G reception and your PC is on the other side of the room, or if you have several devices that require simultaneous Internet connections, or if you’re expecting a phone call, then Wi-Fi can be a good option too.

That’s certainly convenient up to a point, but with models that don’t offer battery protection, regular prolonged use is not going to do the battery any good.

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